Lip Enhancing Techniques

Lip Enhancing Techniques

If the idea of having a needle stuck into your lips sounds unappealing then you’re in the right place. You don’t need a permanent solution for when you want fuller lips on a night out with the girls. All you need is the right tools and you’ll be sporting the perfect pout before you leave your front door.


Before you attempt any of these tips make sure to give your lips a good exfoliation, that way you’ll remove any unsightly dry skin that might hamper your gorgeous soon to be fuller lips.


1.       Balm

Applying balm to your pout before anything else will already plump your lips slightly. It has peppermint oil or cinnamon in the product it can bring more blood flow to your lips, already slightly plumping up your mouth before you’ve even really done anything.


2.       Foundation or Concealer

You can choose which you would like to use. Smooth some of the product onto your lips and just past your natural lip line. Your lips will now blend in with the rest of your face, creating a little bit of a larger working space to enhance those lips of yours.


3.       Lip Liner

Say hello to your new best friend. Use a shade that is one-to-two shades darker than that of your natural lip colour. Outline your lips and then fill them in. The slightly darker shade will give your lips a more natural and rich look.


4.       Forget Dark Shades

If you want that full lip look to avoid dark shades of lipstick. Instead, use a pale pink or nude that suits your complexion. This way your look won’t be screaming fake when you enter a room.


5.       Highlight and Bronze

Applying a little drop of highlighter in your cupid’s bow will help make your lips look bigger thanks to the trick of the light that it will be reflecting.


You can also apply a thin line of bronzer just underneath the centre of your bottom lip, creating a contoured effect. This can add some dimension that will make your lip look plumper.


6.       Gloss it Over

No, we’re not going back in time, we’re simply bringing the gloss back into our makeup bags. This is an old trick but one that is still being used to this day.


A shimmery gloss applied to the center of your bottom lip. It picks up on the natural light and then reflects it back, creating the illusion of enhanced lips.


Lip Enhancing Beauty Techniques


If you’ve tried these methods and still haven’t gotten the desired effect then you can always visit your local makeup academy for a class or two. You won’t just learn how to make your lips look fuller, you’ll also learn many other tricks of the trade.


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