5 Timber Decking Designs

timber decking design

Timber deck designs are increasingly the choice for many Australians in search of contemporary or stylish decks. Timber is renowned for its inherent beauty and warmth, which significantly improves its surroundings. It makes the atmosphere much calmer and softer.

Timber decks are also quite versatile and work well alongside other decking materials to provide a broad scope of design flexibility. You can create captivating and unique spaces with timber decking Sydney, and it is perfect for both public and private areas.

Below is a collection of timber deck designs to give you inspiration and ideas for your new deck.

Ground Level and Raised Deck Design

Raised decks are an excellent solution for uneven or sloped areas. They can help you build a more even surface to fit a chair or dining area. If the frame is tall enough, the space below the deck can even act as extra garden storage.

Mix things up and integrate both ground level and raised decks into your Pergola design. The different levels and height can vary based on the surface and shape of your outdoor space or garden.

Avoid the Limits of Square and Rectangle Decks

Be creative and open-minded about the timber deck shape. Square or rectangular-shaped decks represent the traditional designs. They create angular, clean lines within your outdoor landscape.

However, consider using curved edges and other unique shapes. That way, you create softer finishes and add more personality to your outdoor decking area.

Stained Deck Finish

Staining is an effective method of personalizing and decorating a deck. You can apply a water repellent coating to enhance the repellence of the timber. This repellent is typically suitable for softwoods and hardwoods and assists in preventing water absorption while improving the durability of your deck.

Besides the stained finish design, you can also paint the timber deck with your preferred colour or natural shade of wood. When decorating your outdoor decking, consider these key points:

  • Ensure you pick a paint that is designed to be used on an outdoor decking surface
  • Using penetrating products to minimize flaking or cracking of the top paint film
  • Plan for regularly recoats at specific intervals to maintain the finish

Different Timber Laying Patterns

You can choose to lay the timber boards in multiple varying configurations to build attractive designs and effects. Some of the possible laying patterns include diagonal, horizontal, picture frame, and chevron, among many others. Alternatively, get more creative with your timber deck designs and pick varying shades of timber.

Add Different Materials

This final tip about maximizing outdoor timber decking involves taking advantage of the versatility of this material. You can easily combine timber decking Sydney with various other materials, such as paving slabs. Edging the decking area with paving will help complement the deck and give it a more modern look. Likewise, you can choose to make bold design statements by slotting the edging between the timber boards to achieve a completely customized look.


From the list above, it is evident that timber deck Sydney designs can be very simple or a lot complex, depending on your needs. With multiple board options, together with varying alternatives in finishes, you can get quite creative with your timber deck designs. Lastly, make sure the deck design you chose fits into your current outdoor space.

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