No matter what type of bride you are planning on being, be it traditional, sexy, bohemian or alternative. There is a perfect hairstyle for you. So if you haven’t decided on a style for your big day here are some ideas you can choose from.

1. The Boho Braid

If you’re a boho bride with a love for all things flowing and natural then this style is for you. A braid is secured in place like a crown and you can have a few loose tendrils framing your face for an even softer look. This braided updo is simple yet striking.

2. The Bun

When you’re the glamorous bride your dress and makeup speak volumes already. So a simpler hairstyle will only add to the effect that you want. A sleek bun like the ballerinas wear it is perfect when you want to show off your makeup, it won’t take away from the dress and this hairstyle won’t take hours to do either.

3. The Wave

The plain bride always has a hard time deciding on a hairstyle, thinking that today is the one day I can actually go all out and do something different and beautiful. Sometimes the best thing to do is go the natural route. If you have straight hair you can ask your stylist to add some waves, if you have wavy hair you’re already halfway there. Wear your hair loose with a beautiful embellishment or band. This hairstyle will look exceptionally beautiful if you’re having a beach or lakeside wedding.

4. The Pixie

When you’re a bride with short hair you might not too many hairstyles to choose from. One way to create an elegant look is wearing a fascinator. There are gorgeous options to choose from, just make sure your hair is styled and free from flyaways.

5. The Curl

If you have naturally curly hair you can wear your hair loose with a flower or two to bring out the wow-factor even more. Ask your hairstylist for a treatment so your curls stay and place and don’t poof up if the weather gets a bit humid.

6. The Bob

If you’re sporting the bob length you can texture your hair to give it more volume and oomph. It will look different from your everyday look and you can add some glamour by wearing a jewelled headband or fascinator. Who said the bob was boring?

7. The Up-Down

A classic bridal hairstyle that is easy to do and looks classy and beautiful without looking overdone. Pull back some of the hair that frames your face and either braid or just pin it to the back of your head and voila!

8. The Bow

This style can be used on almost any hair length that falls beneath the shoulder. It’s simple and very plain and is perfect for the no-frills bride. Pull the hair back into a low ponytail and tie with a beautiful bow.

9. The Ribbon

Another look for the pixie cut is tying a ribbon around your crown. It looks sleek and dressy and doesn’t look over the top. The best part is you can use any colour ribbon you like to add a little adventure to your style.

10. The Middle

If you have jet-straight hair, opt for a middle path and jewelled headband. It is simple and not over the top. Bonus points if you have really long hair that you’ve been growing out and wanting to show off on your big day. Ask your stylist to add some spray to make your hair extra voluminous and shiny.

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