How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

Hair has long been referred to as the crowning glory of a person. People are beginning to realise that the health of one’s hair is an extension of the health of the body. The hair is not independent of the body and will often be just as affected by changes, both internal, and external, as most other organs are. If one makes careful observation of the behaviour of their hair, they will often take note that its overall look will reflect the state of one’s health as well as the environmental influences.

One of the most overlooked aspects of hair care is the seasonal adjustment. A good and effective care regime should be flexible enough to take into account seasonal conditions as these will also dictate the effectiveness of your care process. Using the same methods and routines in the summer as those implemented in the winter will often prove detrimental to the ability for your hair to thrive.

With this in mind, how, then, should you go about taking care of your hair in the winter? Some of the more popular tips to consider are:

  • Wash the hair less regularly.
  • Use water that is more lukewarm than hot when washing.
  • Incorporate regular deep conditioning.
  • Consider the use of oil treatments on the hair.
  • Make use of hair masques.
  • Do not leave the house with hair that is still wet.
  • Avoid as much as possible, using heat when styling your hair.
  • Wear a hat or other head covering when outside to protect the hair from harsh elements.

The air in the wintertime tends to be dry and harsh. This aridity does harm the hair; it’s exposed as the moisture is stripped from the follicles, inducing dryness and brittleness. Maintaining your hair’s moisture is key in retaining its health and vitality. Other than the air outside, indoor air can be just as harmful.  While central heating is a welcome convenience in the modern home, this heat can have a very drying effect on the hair. In these instances, the use of a humidifier to counter the effects of central heating has been recommended.

While fewer washes are recommended, perhaps just once or twice a week if possible, you should also use shampoo less as this can strip the hair of much-needed moisture. Accompany the shampoo with an oil-based moisturizer that will act as both a source of nutrients and a welcome barrier that locks moisture into the hair strands.

Your hat should ideally be lined with satin or silk material to prevent the loss of moisture and the appearance of split ends. Most materials like cotton and wool will wick moisture from your hair and encourage the formation of split ends which would lead to breakage.

Finally, do not underestimate the benefits of regular trims. Trimming the hair helps by getting rid of split or unhealthy ends, this, in turn, encourages growth and retains overall health.

If you need a helping hand in the care and styling of your hair, especially in the wintertime, a hair salon would be the ideal place to go in Sydney. A hairstylist can bring in a professional perspective in the care and maintenance of your hair in the winter. Your mane will be looking healthy and strong throughout the season.

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