How a wardrobe can bring your room to life

It’s a Wardrobe revival

You’ve got a new comfy bed with a nightstand to match.

You’ve got a chaise.

You’ve even got a small desk and a nice leather chair with wheels for the new home office.

You’ve got a sexy new flat screen tv and even a huge sprawling area rug.

Wow, even better…You’ve got a nice walk in closet, not too big, not too small.  You’re all set.

Wrong! You’re missing something.

While a lamp would be pretty important, you’ve still got overhead lighting, so you need to think about something bigger here.

We’re talking a wardrobe.  Yes, we mean “boring” old storage; however, a wardrobe is much more than standard storage.

Let us show you how a wardrobe can take your room from drab, to fab.

A place to hide clutter

Wardrobes contribute massively to the minimalist aesthetic many households and high-end designers go gaga over.  Minimal is in.  Clutter is out.  Honestly, clutter has never been in per se, but it is much less tolerated from an interior design standpoint than years past.

Large wardrobes provide space and extra storage for you to tuck away all of your miscellaneous this and that.  Clothes thrown on the floor can smartly be put away and your room can have a clean, neat look.

In fact, to achieve minimalism and really bring your bedroom pieces to life, you will need to put away all unnecessary items, so storage will be essential.  A clean, minimalistic look means literally nothing is on display except the essentials. 

Tie a room together visually

A wardrobe will easily become a centerpiece in your bedroom due to its general size and magnitude.  Think of it as an accent piece where you store things.  A wardrobe can tie in the lighting, rug, bed, and any other furniture piece in your bedroom, especially if you factor it in your furniture decisions.

Dual Functionality

Later in the article we highlight the wonderful benefits of the multipurpose use of wardrobes.  There are a litany of wardrobes ranging from sliding wardrobes, free standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, hinged wardrobes, built in wardrobes and last but not least, mirror wardrobes.

Another advantage of a wardrobe is not only the storage factor, but other purposes.  Mirror wardrobes obviously double as storage and prevent you from having to invest in a floor mirror that will take up precious real estate in a small space.

Some fitted wardrobes also double as entertainment centers, allocating space for televisions and other video and gaming accessories.  Two for one.

Interior Design

Wardrobes can introduce style and depth into a room instantly.  A wardrobe can also be outfitted with lighting integrations to truly showcase its dominant presence.  Lighting that accents and highlights the sleek lines of the wardrobe can truly make your room look beautiful.

We love the fact that you can totally change the theme and look of your room by your wardrobe selection.  Deep cherry woods or even modern metallics can leave your room looking not only functional, but elegant and stylish.

Mirror Sliding Doors

Mirrors will bring an instant magnifying effect to your bedroom.  Mirrors make your room look bigger than it really is and also allow for you to save space from having a floor mirror.  This dual-purpose feature is a winning situation that we always consider about when outfitting our bedrooms.

If you have a small space, mirrors will do wonders to the interior.  Not only will your tiny space appear more spacious and roomier, you will get additional storage space!  Often times, closets aren’t quite large enough so having this extra storage will really be a welcomed add on. 

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