Why Makeup Courses Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Why Makeup Courses Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Take a good look around you at the faces on the street. Is makeup becoming more of an art form? Are we seeing beautifully made up faces, where there was one (almost) bare faced beauty? Sculpted brows, ombre lips, impeccable contour, and amazing cat eyes that absolutely pop? Of course, we are!

In 2017, we are more into makeup than ever before. And while we’ve got millions of YouTube tutorials out there to give us the tips, tricks, and techniques for best practising our craft, nothing really beats that in person, intensive, in depth, and all round experience that a makeup course can bring.

When you’re learning from expert teachers that have been taught by the best, instead of simply self-taught, you’re going to get products and techniques that work for all people rather than just the one. You’re taught about how to do things with different complexions, different facial shapes, and different desired looks. Not everyone wants to look like a Kardashian, after all!

Makeup courses are on the rise around the world as guys, and girls get more into exploratory makeup. Perhaps they’ve been practising on themselves and wanted to learn more – the history, how best to do makeup for others, and even how to make a career out of makeup. They want to learn the best products for the best purposes, the best tools for the job (and cheaper substitutes), and even the brands to buy and the brands to avoid. Because even though YouTube and the internet is a great resource, there is no 3D element, you can see the work in real life, study it from every angle, and see everything just so.

Makeup courses can be anything from a short class for an hour, or half a day – perhaps concentrating on a single technique, such as a cat’s eye, or a single look, such as peach princess – through to in depth diploma courses that can last months to years and may be studied part time after hours, or even full time, like school.

Most makeup courses require no prerequisites to take the class. This means that you may enrol in the course no matter where you’re at in your studies, whether you finished any or not. The only courses this is not applicable for is some advanced skills, where you’ll need to have taken a makeup foundations class.

If you are going to enrol in an intensive makeup course, then you will probably need to build up your makeup kit for working with. This is important to remember when signing up for a course as it may not be included in the price of the course itself.

Committing to an intensive makeup course may be more demanding than you think. If your makeup course will go across many weeks, months, or even years, then you might like to start off with a less intensive course to see if you like it first – perhaps a weekend long makeup class. This way you can get a bit of a feel for whether you’d like to continue.

The other thing to remember is that not all makeup schools are made equal! Some will have better teachers and facilities than others, some will be in a better location, and some will be cheaper or more expensive than others! If you are looking to do a makeup course, then take a little bit of time out to research the makeup school or class a little bit further. It might take a little bit of time, but it will be worth it, in the end, to ensure you’re choosing the right place.

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