Cleaning Your BBQ is Easy With These Tips

Cleaning your BBQ is easy with these tips

There is nothing quite like settling in to enjoy some BBQ with friends and family. However, like everything on earth, the positive aspects of life are often accompanied by some negatives. So, in this case, lighting up the BBQ for a sumptuous meal means preparing to clean it afterwards.

Cleaning your BBQ can be a messy, arduous task that dampens your enthusiasm and eagerness to bring out the barbecue in the first place. But worry no mere. There is a way to make cleaning a BBQ easier and more expedient. The following are a few tips that shine a light on easy BBQ cleaning ideas.

Got Onions?

It may seem like a farfetched idea, but onions are very handy in BBQ cleaning- and they work like a charm.

To clean your BBQ using an onion, slice one in half and light the grill. Next, skewer one half of the onion (open cut side up) on a barbecue fork, then rub it up and down the grate. This process loosens any residual grime, allowing you to wipe the grill down with a paper towel afterwards.

Soaking The Plates

Soaking your barbecue plates in a solution after every use ensures they always remain clean. This solution doesn’t have to be store-bought and chemical-laden. Instead, you can mix up a natural, homemade variety using baking soda and vinegar (both readily available in your pantry). Simply mix one tablespoon each of vinegar and baking soda into a litre of water, then allow your BBQ plates to soak for an hour.

Cleaning Directly After Use

Maintaining your BBQ is best done by cleaning it immediately after use. This consideration ensures easier dirt and grime removal. Moreover, such immediate action allows you to use a paper towel effectively, as it is easier to clean hot plates and clear away any fat before it cools and coagulates.

Use Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil is highly effective for scrubbing your BBQ after a big cook-up. You only need to scrunch up a wad of foil into a ball. The rough edges will easily eliminate any grease and grime. Once the scrubbing is complete, wipe off any fine residual grit using a paper towel.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Apply a dab of olive oil onto the grill plates after cleaning to prevent rust from forming on your BBQ. However, it is crucial to ensure the plates are completely dry before rubbing on the oil.

Steam Cleaning

If you have a heat-resistant container or cast iron pan, fill it with water and place it on the hotplates before closing the lid. Next, light the barbecue and allow the water to heat up. The resultant steam loosens all the accumulated debris and deposits, making it easier to clear them away.

As summer returns, it is time to start preparing for outdoor activities by removing your BBQ from the shed and clearing away the dust and cobwebs. So, keeping these simple tips in mind and applying them throughout the season helps ensure that you take good care of your BBQ no matter how much you use it.

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