5 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard For Summer Entertaining

5 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard For Summer Entertaining

As summer approaches, it is time to turn your mind toward spending more time outdoors. This change allows you to enjoy fresh air in wide-open spaces after the time you spent cooped up in your home while it was cold. So, for many, summertime signals a time for parties and entertaining.
If you expect to spend more time hosting guests or enjoying the outdoors with your family, it is best to start planning. The first step is preparing for some summer backyard entertaining. Here are some tips:

Clean Everything

With cleanliness comes organisation- which is critical for great outdoor parties. You may have amenities like a state-of-the-art BBQ grill and a luxury swimming pool, but they will not compensate for a filthy, unpleasant yard.
Start mowing the lawn and trimming any overgrown bushes for a clean yard. Afterwards, clean the area, and wash all furniture and other outdoor structures. Once clean, inspect your facilities and accessories to determine which ones need refinishing to revamp their appearance.
Pro tip: power-wash your patio or deck to conserve water.

Add Seats

In many cases, you may overlook the importance of adequate backyard seating. But, it is vital for your guests’ comfort and enjoyment. So, it may be best to consider adding outdoor furniture for extra seating.
Purchasing outdoor furniture doesn’t have to strain your budget. Instead, numerous opportunities exist to acquire reasonably priced pieces from various outlets. Alternatively, you may opt to explore your DIY chops. For instructions and inspiration, browse social media platforms to find examples, tips and hacks that demonstrate how to use what is readily available.

Add Shade

Some shade from the sun can go a long way toward making your outdoor space more pleasant. This difference is particularly true when the sun’s intensity verges on unbearable. Proper shade guarantees uninterrupted comfort, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.
Large umbrellas are the most popular and readily available outdoor shade solutions. They are a good choice, especially if you’d prefer to avoid installing more permanent structures. Alternatively, you can install your grill, pizza oven, and outdoor furniture under the leafy canopy of existing mature trees.

Divide Into Sections

Consider dividing your backyard into formal and casual sections when preparing your backyard for entertaining. The formal section can contain comfortable lounge seating, while the casual segment houses an outdoor kitchen, a small bar and a dining area. This distinction allows your party to move from one part to the next based on the current activity.

Set Up Lighting

Parties will- more often than not- end well after sunset. So, to ensure your guests can continue enjoying your outdoor space without undue interruptions, it is best to install lights around your backyard. This solution serves various purposes, including beauty, safety and as a food preparation aid.
Preparation is one of the primary secrets behind any party’s success. So, as the summer approaches, avoid leaving things to the last minute. Instead, start preparing your backyard for outdoor events as soon as possible- leaving only the finishing touches for the eleventh hour.

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