The Best Eyeliner Tricks for Smaller Eyes


Eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Beautiful eyes are an asset and one of the first things people notice when they see you – oh and of course your smile. Not everyone was born with big eyes but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the look yourself with the help of eyeliner. If you have small eyes there are some tricks to make them appear larger from the shape of your brows to the application of eyeliner.

It’s easy enough to do once you have the know-how and this post will give you some tips to make your small eyes appear larger and beam your beauty into the eye of the beholder.

First, moisturise your eyes and groom your eyebrows. This is the first step to creating wide eyes and you will be surprised what difference well-groomed eyebrows will make. Moisturising your eyes will make the skin softer, suppler, and easier to work with.

Next Step

Use primer on your lids to increase the longevity of the eyeliner. Oily lids will make the job of applying eyeliner a little more difficult and will have the tendency to smear or run.

Create an Arc

Create an arc. Not one that you would fill with animals due to an impending flood. Create an arc with eyeliner of your desired thickness. If you want the thick eyeliner to be sure to make the arc a few millimetres above the actual eye because the next step is to fill it.

To create bigger eyes, you want the arc of your eye line to be thin on the edges and thick in the middle. So when it comes time to fill it in, bear this in mind. For more accuracy use a thin eyeliner brush so you can do some fine detail. Take your time and steady your hands. Breathing deeply helps.

When filling in your eyeliner make the outer corner slightly thicker than the inner corner and this will draw attention to outer eye and make your eyes appear larger.

Now for the lower eye line. So what we’re trying to do here is accentuate the outer corner of the eye. So where apply a thick line to the outer corner of the eyes that leads to the lower eye line and gradually get thinner as you apply it to the centre and inner eye.  You can even make a subtle cat-eye look using a similar technique. The look is a little more dramatic and is best suited for nights out or dressier occasions. But if you want to rock it daily why not I say.

Another technique is to use white or nude colours on the lower waterline. Or a shade softer than that used on the upperwaterline. This will make the top eyeliner more predominant and makes your eyes appear wider.

Now apply mascara. Curl the lashes up so they don’t interfere and act as curtains in front of your eyes. This will make them appear larger.

Use a lighter or sparkly eyeshadow as using dark shadow can make your eyes look recessed and that’s the opposite effect we are going for.

After all these steps are complete your eyes should be looking larger than life and beaming brightly. This method takes a little bit of time but the results are worth. Your eyes will look big, bold, deep and of course beautiful.  It’s all about making the outer edge of the eye more prominent to create the illusion of larger eyes. Once you have the basics down, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and shades.

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