Gas Heating Options That Will Improve Your Décor

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Home heating is a necessary part of maintaining your home’s comfort levels. It makes it a joy to spend time indoors when it is cold outside. As a result, there is a constant demand for home heaters which home heating experts and manufacturers are all too happy to meet. Doing so includes providing various home heating options that suit diverse needs and tastes.

On the other hand, home heaters can also serve an aesthetic function- over and above their practical use. Modern home heating technology allows you to take charge of your fireplace’s appearance and select the model that best complements your home’s décor. Therefore, no matter the fuel source you opt for (be it gas, wood or electricity), your home heater can reflect your style while serving a crucial purpose.

Since numerous heater options are available, selecting the right one can seem daunting. However, mitigating such difficulty can be simple. You only have to break down the process into smaller parts and tackle them one by one, starting with the fuel source. Each heater does have some advantages associated with its use. So, this article will focus on gas heaters and how they can improve your décor.

Gas heaters present various advantages, including convenience, few maintenance requirements and easy operation. In addition, their design accounts for and prevents gas leaks and fire hazards, making them safer to use. All these valuable features now come encased in an exterior whose appearance reflects and complements your theme.

Selecting your ideal gas heater is a multi-step process. It begins with your deciding between stationary and portable models. Your choice then determines where you can locate the fireplace, although some heaters are adaptable for indoor and outdoor use. Once you know the type of gas heater you want, consider the following as a preview look at the best gas heaters.

Embrace the Square

If your décor tastes skew more toward straight, geometric shapes with few to no curves, then a gas heater like the Nectre Freestanding Gas log heater may be an example of the ideal model for your home. This assertion is because its design embraces a curve-less version of the traditional pot-belly appearance. Conversely, the Nectre uses artificial logs and burns like a wood fireplace, despite being gas-powered. As a result, this heater’s defined lines, right angles and matte finish render it best suited for use in the kitchen.

Make the Most of Limited Space

Perhaps space is an issue, and you have limited room available wherein you can fit a fireplace. In this case, you can opt for an in-built gas heater. This iteration fits flush against a wall. As a result, you can get a heater without reducing the amount of available floor space or disrupting your room’s layout. However, your furniture arrangement needs to maintain enough separation from the heater to eliminate fire hazards and avoid airflow disruption.

An ideal example of such a gas heater is the Heatmaster Enviro. It is an energy-efficient model that boasts a wide reach while maintaining low emissions. This heater is well suited for open-plan living spaces and is also great if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly fireplace option. The Enviro offers an eye-catching, realistic burn using coals, pebbles or artificial logs in its fire bed.

Alternatively, for larger rooms, there is the Heatmaster Seamless. This model seamlessly blends the modern and the traditional by using a remote control and even a WiFi connection to operate flames over real-looking logs. However, the heater is gas-powered.

Gas heaters allow you to take full advantage of their dual functionality so that you no longer have to agonise between form and function when selecting your ideal home heater.

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