Best Pool Accessories for Fun this Summer

Pool Accessories

amenities that allows you to transform your pool into a cinema. You will, however, need a projector to cast images onto this accessory. You will also need a few inflatable lounges to sit on as you enjoy your movie night.

Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

Besides entertainment, some poolside accessories can provide an excellent platform for physical exercise. The poolside rock climbing wall keeps you fit by improving your strength and developing your muscles. After you complete the climb and you are all sweaty, you can take a plunge into the pool and cool off.

Floating Table

You might not be a fan of volleyball or basketball, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy your favourite game inside a swimming pool. If you like board games, consider investing in a floating table. This is one of the exciting floats that resembles a standard table, with the difference being that it is inflatable. Similar to other air-filled accessories, it has a repair kit for fixing punctures.

Floating LED Balls

You can spice up your nighttime swimming by purchasing floating LED balls. These accessories change colours at regular intervals as they drift across the pool, improving the atmosphere of the entire surrounding.

Swimming Pool Water Leveler

It is vital to keep your pool water at the recommended levels. This is because the pump and skimmers cannot work correctly if the water levels are not optimal. Since swimming involves a lot of plunging and splashing, it can be quite challenging to maintain the water at the required levels.

The solution to this problem is installing a pool water leveller. It is compatible with both the above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. Its broad rubber base ensures that it does not fall into the water, while the brass and aluminium hardware keeps it from rusting and increases its longevity.

Inflatable Drink Holders

Swimming is an intense activity that requires a lot of energy. Floating drink holders provide a platform for placing your energy drink that you can reach easily every time you feel the urge to replenish your energy. The base is designed in such a way that it does not topple over as you plunge through the water.

Critter Escape Ramp

Although this accessory does not directly make swimming fun, it helps with getting rid of frogs and other critters. Nothing is as disgusting as sharing a pool with frogs and other amphibians. The escape ramp assists such creatures in getting out of the water. By doing this, it not only makes it easier to clean your pool, but it also makes swimming more enjoyable.


Pool accessories have many benefits – they make swimming fun, improve your physical wellbeing, and enhance the appearance of your swimming pool. The market offers a variety of options, depending on your preferences and the functionality you want to achieve.

The next time you go shopping for pool supplies, remember to throw in a few pool accessories to add fun to your swimming sessions. If you are feeling reluctant, choose the ones that add functionality, such as the climbing wall. This way, you will have a justification for purchasing the accessories.

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