Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add to Your Décor as Well as Warmth

Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add to Your Décor as Well as Warmth

The cold season does not mean our daily routines need to change, well no that much. Since most of your activities are conducted in an outdoor setting, how about looking for effective outdoor heating to keep warm. The heating solution will make your outdoor living space comfortable and cosy for those chilly evenings. This can help you extend your events or parties late into the night. Besides just looking for a heating solution, you would want one that complements the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. By making the heating solution the centerpiece of your area, you will get an eye-pleasing and attractive space. There are several designs and types of heating options in the market. To make your search that much easier, we have identified a few impressive heaters to consider.

• The Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace

The Morso Kamino is an outdoor heating solution made from cast iron enamelled with a corrosion-resistant coating system, making it withstand adverse climatic conditions. Not only does it warm your space, but it also gives it a stylish touch. Its elegant style can be attributed to smooth funnelling curves and the half-moon shape, making it pleasant to stare at. Additionally, it’s portable and can be used to your advantage by moving it to wind direction. Morso Kamino is also integrated with the characteristic feature of a chimney that sprouts smoke to higher elevations.

• The Plateau Outdoor Gas Fire Coffee Table

If you are looking to have an entertaining outdoor experience, you need to look no further; the outdoor gas fire coffee table is the right choice for you. It provides you with a therapeutic feeling when gassing at its naked flames. You can customise the heater by adding a fire bed option, such as faux logs and rocks. The fire pit table has a flame control system that enables you to control how cosy you want your space to be with a simple adjustment of a knob. Furthermore, a plateau outdoor fire coffee table is the right choice for you if you have smoke allergies. This is because it assimilates flame production with a smoke-free design. The gas fire coffee table gives out the heat through the combustion of propane gas that continually gives out the flames. As part of safety precaution, the heater has heat-resistant housing.

Similar to other gas fires, coffee tables need a lot of precaution when handling. You need to make sure to switch off the ignition system when you are done using it. Also, it would be best if you placed the gas fire table at least three feet away from highly combustible material. The heater should be placed on a flat, solid surface to minimise the risk of tripping. Still, you would want to put it in a central position to ensure the heat is evenly distributed in your space.

• Outdoor Gas Fireplace

An outdoor gas fireplace mirrors a sophisticated and exciting style of living. This can be linked to its display of beautiful angles of flames burning, making it a pretty unique outdoor heating option. It offers you flexibility in its design. You can explore additional features, such as ceramic garden stones or crystals in various colours, to add to the artistic nature of your space.

How to Choose The Right Fuel Source For Your Heater?

The major fuel options are propane and natural gas. The basis of selection between the two should be availability and affordability. In this case, propane-powered heating options take the day as you can easily refill from your nearest gas station. Furthermore, propane combustion is environmentally friendly as it burns cleanly. It is hard to find a fuel option that matches all these pros.


You should be able to get the right decorative outdoor heating solution from the options provided in this article. As mentioned earlier, safety is an important aspect to consider when choosing a heating solution. Therefore, you need to be sure that the heating solution has been certified by the relevant authority to be safe to use. As part of the certification process, the heaters will undergo safety tests that include temperature, wind, and rain testing.


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Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add To Your Décor As Well As Warmth

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