How Long is “Too Long” Without Sex?

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Omg. How long is a piece of string? It all depends on the person really. A sex addict will obviously have a different response to an87-year-old man. It also depends on your relationship status as well. To address this question we must first address the benefits of regular sex or longer lasting sex human contact for that matter.

There is no doubt about it that sex is good for you. It puts a spring in your step and makes the world seem like a better place after the deed has been done. There are scientific reasons for this that I will now touch on to give some hard evidence of the benefits of sex.


The motion in the ocean, bumping bones and [insert the list of euphemisms here] is great exercise. While you’re getting down, your heart rate is going up and increasing the blood flowing through your body which benefits your cardiovascular health. A study by the American Journal of Cardio Vascular health states that men who had sex two or more times a week were less likely to have a stroke or heart attack.

Happiness is Just a Chemical

People who have regular sex are happier and more stress-free than those who don’t. Sex releases chemicals in the brain that make you happy. These are called endorphins. They can also be released by a number of other activities but most of them aren’t as much fun.

Sex Boosts Your Immune System

Sex boosts your immune system and studies have shown that people who engage in regular sex have fewer sick days than those who don’t. Wilkes University conducted a study that found that students who had sex twice a week or more had a stronger resistance to virus and illnesses due to an increased level of a certain antibody.

Improves Your Sleep

Yes, indeed.  Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to sleep after achieving the “the big O”? Well after you orgasm a hormone called prolactin is released into the system that is responsible for relaxation and sleepiness. So if you are having trouble getting a good night sleep, get your partner to help out and in turn, you will be helping them as well.

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La La Libido

The more you do it. The more you want to do it. Having regular sex boosts your libido. So keep practicing.

Pain Relief

Yes, put away the paracetamol and have a roll around in the hay. Sex releases hormones into the body that pain relieving properties. From headaches to menstrual cramps, sex can relieve the pain as many studies have shown. The if your partner tries to bust out the old “I’ve got a headache”, excuse, you can tell them you have the perfect cure and it will only take a minute. No, try last longer than that!It will just turn them off having sex with you again if you’re a wham bam thank you ma’am specialist.

Improves Relationships

The sacred act of sharing something special with your partner and expending energy together has the tendency to bring people together and help them form tighter bonds.

Those are the benefits but the question still remains. How long is too long between sexual encounters?

Well if you ask me you should be doing at least once daily if you have the opportunity. Hell even twice a day. Make a routine like an exercise schedule. But alas, I’m am not a health professional just a happy healthy person with a lust for life. A sex life. Most studies that I have read suggest twice a week is enough to gain the health benefits of sex. Although some people suffer from certain ailments that make it hard for them to achieve such as erectile dysfunction. If you do suffer from one these debilitating diseases, seek some professional help as soon as possible so you can be back in the game and grinding your way to happiness and good health, all the while improving the bond with your partner. The benefits of sex are pretty obvious and noticeable even if you aren’t a scientist. It’s basic math. Sex = Feeling Good. So cheers to feeling good all the time.

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