Common Misconceptions About Lasting Longer in Bed

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Having a healthy sex life is not only good for a relationship but often reduces stress and helps both partners to sleep better. As a lot of men also gain confidence through their sexual performance, once health problems occur they soon turn into frustration and embarrassment and become often a concern not expressed. Especially men suffering from premature ejaculation worry about the times they were not able to last longer in bed. Although this condition is not uncommon in men of all ages, it is a topic less talked about maybe also because there are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to premature ejaculation and the idea in people’s minds how long sex should take, still thinking quantity wins over quality.

Not only has the duration of penetration in porn put an unrealistic image in adults’ minds, the jokes made on television and in movies about men orgasm too early might have made men less confident about their issue and put a strain not only on his sex life but confirmed the stigma that comes with the condition.To this day men still boast about their ability to last forever, making their buddies feel uncomfortable, less confident and even worry how long the time between the sheets should actually be spent to make it satisfactory for both partners. But when it comes to preference, some women even find long sessions boring and prefer it to end quicker hence long-lasting penetration is not always the key to success.

Most women will say that satisfactory sex starts with foreplay and some even need extra stimulation to reach orgasm hence needing an erection for a long period of time to have satisfactory intercourse is not always needed for the female partner to climax. Emotional connection is also essential for a healthy relationship and good communication will have a lasting impact on physical and mental related issues between the sheets since a partner who feels safe and confident is more likely not to ejaculate early out of performance anxiety. Hence sex doesn’t need to last for hours contrary to popular belief and misconception to make it enjoyable for both partners.

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From myths that premature ejaculation is a teenage problem, that it’s a chronic condition, there is no treatment or it is not a common issue, the misconceptions surrounding PE are widely spread.One common misconception is that only young and inexperienced men suffer from early ejaculation. While it is true that the condition is common among younger men due to excitement and their lack of experience how to relax with a partner, still, the dysfunction is experienced by men throughout all ages and not linked to sexual immaturity as there are possible physiological and psychological causes that disable the man to control himself.

Research has found that about 40% men worldwide are affected by this condition at some point in their lives hence the issue is far from uncommon and needs to be addressed more often to get rid off the stigma attached to it.

Furthermore, is premature ejaculation seldom a chronic condition but situational and can often be treated. This can be done by talking to a health professional who will provide tips on learning how to control oneself, sex therapy if the issue is caused by severe performance anxiety or medical treatment to extend the time of ejaculation if the cause is definitely clinical. To find the right treatment it is advisable to see a specialist and talk about the issue to get to the bottom of the cause. Special blood tests and physical exams can be made to rule out any physiological factors and get the right treatment according to the outcome.

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