What are the Health Benefits of Grilling Your Food?


Whether its burgers or bratwursts, steaks or good, old-fashioned hotdogs, grilling with a Beefeater BBQ grill, is not only a fun and great tasting gastronomic experience but can also be beneficial to your body as well.

Compared to cooking your meats on a stove or inside an oven, there are plenty of health benefits that you can experience when you cook on a grill. Let’s go and discuss five of them.


1) You consume less fat

If you are the type who either wants or needs to eat less fat, then you should seriously consider grilling your food. Why? It is because when you grill, you get to consume less fat because the excess simply drips off between the grates. For example, if you are cooking a burger patty in a pan on your stove, did you notice that the fat just pools around the meat because it has nowhere else to go. The fat is then just absorbed back by the meat. Whereas when you cook on a grill, the fat is just cooked off.


  1. Nutrients are retained in vegetables when they are grilled

Here is a fact that not a whole lot of people know about vegetables: when these are grilled, they actually keep most of the vitamins and minerals present inside. This is particularly legitimate when it comes to vegetables that possess low water content.

In addition, vegetables are far easier and a lot healthier to grill than when you boil or fry them. Just look for tin foil, wrap your vegetables with it and place them on top of the grill! That’s it; you are good to go!


  1. Grilled meat retain crucial nutrients

The same can be said when you place a slab of meat on the grill. When grill meat, especially using a Beefeater BBQ, the riboflavin and thiamine — two essential nutrients that play a critical role in a healthy diet — are preserved, meaning you get to experience all the health benefits that are linked to each one.


4) You don’t get to use a lot of butter

Although it might take some time before you would be able to claim the title of master griller, once you become adroit with its nuances, you and your loved ones would consistently be able to enjoy sumptuous cuts of meat and vegetables. Grilling locks in the moisture, which means you won’t need as much butter or other condiments to give your food more flavour. As a result, you eat fewer calories and ingest less damaging elements into your body.


  1. Grilling is also great for your soul

Unless you are fond having your couch smelling like a steak, we’re confident that grilling would take you outside where your friends can perhaps toss a beach ball around or your kids can go build a castle in the sand. Essentially, grilling gives you and other people the opportunity to engage in different outdoor activities, which affords you an added health bonus to pair up with your tasty, healthy, grilled meal.

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