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The Kardashian gals have amazing hair. It could be due to the fact that they have some of the top stylists and hairdressers making sure they are at the top of their game in the looks department. Luckily for us, we can look on from a distance and see what the latest and greatest hairstyle is and adopt it as our own.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney each have their own style, hairstyles included.  Which Kardashian is your favourite? In this post we take a closer look at the latest and greatest hairstyles the Kardashians have been rocking on the streets of L.A.

Khloe’s Ombre Effect

Lately Khloe has been rocking the wavy hair with golden highlights in a balayage style with a part down the middle. She keeps the roots dark to add texture. This style looks great messy, tied up, and let down. It works well for people with round faces and creates the illusion of length in the face.

The Blunt Bob

Kim has really taken to the blunt bob. It’s cut straight, a little bit longer than shoulder length and she wears it slicked tightly against her dome with a part down the middle. The blunt bob is a versatile haircut and can be worn many ways. It looks great tied up and can be dressed up for fancy occasions. If you’re not too fond of the part down the middle, you can always go for a side part.

The Wet Look

Kim is a big fan of the wet look and can be seen on various occasions with her hair platinum blonde almost dripping wet, slicked back or flicked to the side. This can have achieved from styling mouse or hair gel. If you’re going to an all-day event you might want to keep a spray bottle of water handy to reel in those stubborn hairs that want to break free from the style. The key is to use a liberal amount of product and every so often give your hair a spritz with the spray bottle.

Tousled Bedhead Waves

This is one of my absolute faves and Kim’s too. This style works well with longer hair but can look great with mid length hair as well. It’s a messy look with long flowing waves. Kim usually wears one side back over the shoulders and one side of the part in front.  The ends are rough cut to add a bit of texture and often her roots are naturally dark compared to whatever hair colour she is wearing on the day.

The Super Slick Pony Tail

This hairstyle was made popular by Sporty Spice a long time ago and if you want to go further back, the lady from I Dream of Jeanie. Now I’m showing my age. For a super slick ponytail, you need to tie your hair back nice and tight on the crown of your head. This hairstyle looks great for all occasions and will give your face a natural lift – so you don’t have to top up your Botox as often!

Side Waves

Enough about Kim, Khloe has stepped up her hair game tremendously over the past few years. This year she has been rocking the side waves. Her hair asymmetrically parted and brushed over to one side. Midway down her hair she sports beautiful flowing waves with golden highlights scattered throughout the tips. This hairstyle is a bit retro and a bit chic.

Bedhead “I Don’t Care” Hair Part

An ode to those who couldn’t be bothered. This Khloe hairstyle is all about the nice clean part and then leaving the rest looking the way you rolled out of bed. Her hair is unruly just off the crown and then settles down toward the ends in some nice wavy curls.

Top Knot

Khloe loves a top knot. She has been seen rocking the single and the double. It’s a no fuss hairstyle that oozes carefree fun. It’s an easy hairstyle to achieve and works with most lengths of hair. You can get creative and wrap hair around your knot for a premium bohemian hairstyle.

Sleek and Straight

Kourtney and Kim have an affinity for the sleek and straight look. It is brushed ever so perfectly and straightened to a fine point. It’s easy: part your hair down the middle and take to it with a ceramic straightening iron until you can’t straighten it any more.  This hairstyle is ideal for formal occasions and looks amazing paired with a little black dress and some heels.

The Kardashians’ hair game has been on point all year. They make it look effortless. Well their team of stylists working around the clock day in and day out do anyway. But don’t worry, you don’t need a team to re-create their amazing hairstyles. All you need is a little practice, the right product and the right tools and you too can look just as good. Or if you’re feeling lazy, use another Kardashian trick and just put a wig on it.

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