Winning Birthday Gift Hampers

You know what’s better than getting just one gift for someone for their birthday? Getting them many gifts! I like to liken it to going out and ordering the cheese platter at the restaurant. You know those restaurants, where you can order 50g of a whole range of cheeses from their menu? Who in their right mind would order just one cheese? You want variety! You want everything!

Hey, so why not apply the same principle to Dave or Krystal’s birthday present? If you get them a book, they never end up reading that’s kind of lousy. Let’s go back to that cheese instead. Say you brought out a cheese platter and Dave loves the mature cheddar and the brie, but he’s not keen on the blue cheese. But you’ve still won in your selection! Plus he’ll probably pass off the blue cheese to his partner who loves it anyway. This, my friend, this, is why gift hampers are always going to be a good idea. Because there are so many different things packed into the hamper, such a variety of items, that you’re always going to come out on top. Dave’s going to say thanks, and he’s actually going to mean it.


Beer, Wine and Snacks

Go in for the kill with the all-rounder that’s sure to satisfy – a mixture of beers, wine and goodies to snack on. With a delicious set of beers, maybe some good old Crownies, a drop of the Two Churches red, some olives, nuts, and crackers, they can have a munch and a nice drink and chill out. This birthday gift hamper is perfect for anyone and any occasion. A little light self-indulgence is a key to a happier life, is it not?

Bubbly and Chocolates

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, something a little more special that beer, wine, and snacks, but still that classic pairing of booze and food, then a bubbly and chocolate pack might be a little more up your alley regarding a great birthday present. Something like the Jacob’s Creek Trilogy, paired with Lindor choccies, some nut clusters and melting moments? This one is a bit of a treat – not something that you’d sit around doing every Wednesday night. Perfect for a bday.

Indulge the Senses

How about something that’s going to be indulgent in a different way? There’s nothing like popping on a MOR candle, relaxing in a warm bath, and then softening the skin afterwards with some hand and body milk. Throw in some melting moments, and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing solo adventure to tune out the world. You might like to add a bottle of something to a gift basket like this – who doesn’t like a glass of bubbly in the bath? Just picture it yourself. Popping a candle on, some Sade, pouring a glass of bubbles, hopping in and tuning out – sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

How about a Coffee Break?

If the birthday boy or girl in your life is a big coffee drinker, then the Coffee Break gift basket is going to bring you some big brownie points. Go with a gift basket that’s centred around coffee and get them excited. A pack of Byron Bay coffee, with some delicious biscuits, coffee beans, and then the ideal mug to sit back and sip on? Yep, that’s going to be a winning gift for the coffeeholic in your life.

Whichever gift basket that you decide to get, or even if you decide to put together one of your own, it pays to think about what the person you’re buying for enjoys in life. Often gift baskets will cater towards common base delights – like alcohol, chocolate, and indulgent body treats. If you think about your interactions with the birthday boy or girl you should have a pretty telling idea about which of these that they enjoy already.

While when you were a kid, perhaps the main excitement of your birthday was the gift itself, ripping it open before you mum sternly told you to read the card as well, as an adult we appreciate the sentiment as much as we do the gift itself. This is why you should make sure to write a fitting and personal message on the gift basket of whatever hamper you decide to go with. Perhaps a nod to a shared past time or moment or crafting your words to indicate that this person is special to you. A gift and a thoughtful note, what else could you wish for?

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