Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Planning a wedding on a budget can be the best thing that you can do to yourself. Saving up costs on extravagant practices (that don’t even matter in the long run) can help you splurge on things that really make a difference.

Like your wedding dress. You’re probably dreaming about buying a beautiful wedding bridal gown since you were a kid, right? Or even your honeymoon, where you’ll be able to spend those lovey-dovey days with your partner (talk about making memories!).

When your wedding arrangements are frugal, you won’t feel bad about spending an extra few bucks for your bridal dress, honeymoon or even saving up for a house to move in with your partner.


Planning Wedding in a budget


Our team has come up with actionable suggestions on how you can arrange your wedding while keeping things under control money-wise.

The Imploding Guest List

Intimate weddings became even more of a thing since practically every single television show started illustrating that the presence of your closest friends and family is all you need to take your vows.

A guest list comprising of 50 or so people, including your parents and closest friends and family can become a very cozy and intimate gathering. Managing this number of guests becomes even easier and you won’t have to fret on attending people you don’t even know that well.

The Catering

Instead of ordering food from wedding caterers, look for a family restaurant (maybe you know the owners very well, or go there often on dates with your partner) who would be willing to cater to your event on a special discount.


The Catering


Begin by asking them to cater to a party of 50. Don’t drop the wedding bomb just yet, or else the prices will soar high on their own. Once you’ve taken their prices for a regular party, try going around and make a package for your wedding, give or take a few dishes and a few dollars on the bill.

The Venue

Holding a wedding at a venue where you don’t have to pay heavy rent can save up a large sum of money right there. There are a few ideas where your wedding can take place completely free of cost.

  • The park
  • The beach
  • Your home
  • The backyard of your parent’s house
  • That house in the suburbs where your parents/friend lives.


The Venue

Some other options for affordable venues include the following. You will have to pay a little but not a lot as compared to a proper wedding site.

  • Rental suite
  • Museum or library
  • The street where you live (you’d probably have to get a license for that)
  • School grounds
  • A boat (sounds so cool!)
  • The theatre

Flowers and Décor

You don’t need tons of flowers for great decor. Instead of a bouquet, aim for one flower per bridesmaid. You can use artificial flowers instead of fresh ones for decorating the venue.

The centerpieces and other ornaments can be bought off on Craigslist for a discounted sum. Former brides are usually selling them on an affordable price.

The Music

Try your luck with friends and peers if anyone is part of a (good) band or knows how to play instruments well. Otherwise, you can checkout the local school for their band and ask them to play at your wedding.

There are some great and talented musicians out there, you’d know if you’ve watched School of Rock. Make use of your home stereo or borrow one from a friend who owns a good sound system.

Customized (yet low cost) Invitation Cards

With a small guest list, you will be able to make customized, printed cards on your own. There are many websites that allow you to design wedding invitations for free. You can get them printed and hand them out to your guests.


Customized (yet low cost) Invitation Cards


Stick to a simple and clean design with a complementing color palette according to your wedding theme and you’d be done with invitations in no time!

We hope you found these suggestions easy and useful. They will keep your wedding in budget while still giving you the experience of a lifetime.


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