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With the world at a just an arm’s length away, it’s easy to see why a destination wedding is something many consider. Planning a wedding anywhere is a stressful yet exciting time in any bride’s life, but add to it the prospect of getting married on a beach in the Caribbean, it adds an entirely new dimension and things to consider.

Will it be outside, inside, on the beach or even underneath a gazebo? These are all things to take into consideration when planning and figuring out the details. Will you be wearing shoes or going barefoot? Should your dress be short or long? This is where this handy list comes in; it will help ease your planning and maybe even give you an idea or two.


There are no rules

At the end of the day it’s your wedding, and if you choose to wear a princess gown on the beach then go for it. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you have to wear a flowy bohemian dress, if that’s not your style don’t wear it. You make your own rules.

Know your body type

Ah yes, the one topic that will always be on the list of any wedding dress related article. But it’s there for a reason. By knowing your body type, you’ll save yourself countless tears. Any petite bride will not fill out a dress that will be more suited to an hourglass figure. And no hourglass will fit into a petite styled dress. Trust me on this!


When getting married on a beach somewhere always opt for a dress with lighter material. It will breathe and not weigh you down on your big day. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when saying your vows, and your dress has turned into a furnace on the inside.

Don’t be afraid to ask

So many of us are adamant about making our own decisions, but no woman is an island and shopping for the perfect dress is hard. Ask advice from all the important women in your life. Take them with when you’re trying on different gowns. Most of them have been through it and will always give an honest opinion.

Don’t forget to ask the professionals either. They have fitted many brides before you and know what they’re doing. Use them; it’s what they’re there for.

The weather

In a destination wedding, the weather will always play a significant role. Make sure to plan around the rainy seasons, so you don’t get caught on your big day, and have to move inside.

Train or veil

This decision all comes down to personal preference. If you want to wear a long flowing veil go for it, remember there are no rules.

A short veil blowing in the wind will also make an impact if it’s part of your plan.

Many brides don’t use either of these options nowadays. Whatever you choose make sure a long veil won’t blow into your face and obscure you from your future husband, or your train goes flying into the side and gets sand all over your guests.


There are always going to be new trends. Just don’t bother with them unless you’ve completely fallen in love one or two. Try on as many dresses as you like, it doesn’t matter if they’re in fashion or not. You want to look back on your day and smile, not wonder why you wore a dress with a gigantic bow in the front.

Do not rush the process

Don’t settle for a mediocre dress that you feel okay in. Trust me; you will know when you’ve found the one. That feeling isn’t just a myth; it’s real. Wait for it.

If you take all these tips into consideration, you can’t go wrong. And just to make it a little easier, I found the perfect designer for a destination wedding. Pronovias have a gorgeous selection of classically styled dresses. There is something for everyone, their designs are sleek and not over the top. And quite a few will be perfect for a beach wedding.

So if you’re still considering a destination wedding, I wish you luck. But I know you’ll find what you’re looking, and you’re going to look and feel amazing!

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