Fuso’s Replacement for the HD 470 Premium Truck


Fuso’s replacement for the HD 470 has yet to be named for a western release but that hasn’t stopped them releasing the upgrades and features it will contain. It’s been on the Japanese market since last year going under the name of the “Super Great”, which by any standards is not a super great name, but luckily the new specs and features are.

The 470 was always a reliable vehicle and a pleasure to drive, but Fuso has stepped it up a notch and refined the unnamed replacement for 470. For the sake of the articles let’s call it Truck X.

Fuso has always been attractive in the looks department, as far as trucks go anyway. It’s obviously not as sexy as a Ferrari, but it looks like a nice piece of machinery that you would want to drive. The Fuso’s Truck X hasn’t done anything too much to the looks department. They look very similar to the HD 470, only a little more streamlined and futuristic. So, there have been not a lot of changes there.

As for the internals though, there have been some dramatic overhauls and all for the better in my opinion. The engine is different, the transmission is different, the cab interior different too. This baby may look very similar to last year’s model but the inner workings – the guts – have all had a major overhaul and a glorious one at that.

The engineering team behind Fuso’s Truck X have focussed their efforts on comfort, efficiency, and safety. Fuso’s competitors such as UD and Dailmer have really stepped up their safety features on the most recent models and in turn, Fuso’s Truck X has stepped it up a notch to keep up with the competition.

As far as engine upgrades go, the Fuso Truck X has a complete overhaul and has gone with Daimler’s 10.7 litre OM470 engine, but the chassis, emissions peripherals, and ECU are all fitted from Fuso. The OM 470 runs as smooth as a baby’s bottom, with torque to boot that comes in two settings. This bad boy also features double overhead cams and an asymmetric turbo charger, with better fuel profiling than previous models, making the Fuso Truck X a force to be reckoned with – and definitely one to look out for.

The new transmission is a welcome addition to the Fuso and could be the tipping point when it comes down to the road test. The Fuso Truck X uses a Mercedes Benz Power – Torque 3G330 AMT under the ShiftPilot name. This smooth gearbox is one of the best upgrades on the Fuso and it’s 12 forward and 2 reverse shifting will be nothing short of effortless. It has three modes standard, economy and power, and will make up for the flatter torque ratio than its competitor’s equivalent models.

The sweet transmission does come with some nice and juicy features that will prick up the ears of would-be buyers such as ECO roll, soft cruise, and assisted hill starts all of which will make life a lot easier on the driver and a more fuel efficient rig.

Another sweet feature is the proximity control assist. This basically means the truck will automatically slow to a stop and take off in high-density slow traffic or in heavy traffic jams on the highway or in an urban environment. Another safety feature is active brake assist, which uses sensors and cameras to detect if the driver is paying attention to an oncoming hazard and if the driver is not responding, the automated system will send out a warning signal to the driver then automatically brake to avoid danger. All this and more of the latest safety tech will be featured on the truck. They have even upgraded the lighting systems to LED for maximum visibility in dark conditions.

The cab has had a major overhaul and has improved leaps and bounds from an ergonomic standpoint. The new seat is way more comfortable and the smart steering wheel has all the features at the touch of button, so the driver can remain focused on the road. The layout of the dash and is more user-friendly and easier on the eye than previous models. The new Fuso has also taken road and engine noise into consideration. It’s considerably more quiet than its predecessor thanks to some solid acoustic engineering skills.

Fuso hasn’t forgotten about the fleet managers and features a system called Truck Connect, which is basically a fleet diagnostics tool and managers can tap into the driver and trucks performance from a remote location.

At first impression, the new Fuso Truck X or whatever they are going to call it when it is released to our market is quite impressive and definitely holds its own against its closest rivals. With upgraded safety, engine and transmission, plus with its Truck Connect technology, this makes the new Fuso one of the trucks to beat – but the price of the rig and trucks parts will also be a contributing factor when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. Now all they have to do is come up with a name. I suggest the “Future”. It may be a little plain but Fuso Future has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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