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With the year 2018 fast coming to a close, the time has come for an honest assessment of the year; the twelve long months laid bare in black and white. Without a doubt the year has probably had its share of the good, the bad and the ugly, each in its own proportions. It is one’s intent that the share of the good be carried forward and hopefully ameliorated in the New Year. The share of the bad, on the other hand, ought to be thoroughly assessed with a clear mind and concrete resolutions to be made to avoid a repeat of the same shortcomings in the next revolution of the earth around the sun. As for the ugly, well, why not just take it in our stride and if possible just forget about it and move on with life.

For those enterprises which constantly engage in expos and corporate events, one cannot mention turning a new leaf without looking at ways of renewing their resolve on how they do their banners as well as other sales and marketing campaign tools. Marketing is the one part of a business that will constantly need to evolve in order to meet the needs of this fast-paced world of business.

Of course this does not necessarily mean that everything needs a facelift, owing to the fact that the processes in place probably delivered on their mandate and probably exceptionally well. Perhaps the same things ought to be done with a few new ideas injected as if to oil the already smoothly-moving parts of the machine. Here are a few inspirational ideas for your banners in 2019. They may completely revamp your experience or may just seek to tweak a model which is already efficient. All the same, one thing is for sure, they will be of great help.

Optimum Viewing Location

While this may seem to be common sense, it actually should be reminder to all of us; to display ones pull up banner where it is likely to get the most views. This also includes a favourable eye level depending on the size of the banner. When it is convenient for a customer or client to see what you have to offer them, it will spark the chain of actions leading to a much faster sale.


This can be broached in two respects; and the first is the clarity of the actual viewed text. Do ensure that all the text on your banner is legible, especially from a reasonable distance. This could assist a customer looking for your product to single it out from a distance among the plethora of items being sold.

The second is the clarity of the message. It is very easy to focus on all other things; the graphics, colour selection and layout, and to risk losing the main message in the midst of all that. Therefore, the tagline on your banner should be unmistakeably clear and conspicuous.

Additionally you could merely use one or two graphics and leave some unused space so as to make the banner seem less cluttered. This will contribute ever so slightly in reinforcing the main message.


One has to choose one key aspect of the banner that they wish the audience to remember. Why is this? Well, because you have to make a memorable first impression which will indeed last forever. Ask yourself, When the customer hears the name of your company, what image do you want them to see when they close their eyes? What catchphrase do you want to take voice in their brain? That is what needs to be put down on paper (or rather, vinyl). Nothing more and nothing less.


Use only a limited number of bright colours; two or three seem appropriate. Attempt to strike a balance of dull and bright colours so as to not repel the eyes with a barrage of bright hues, nor risk not being seen in insignificance of dull ones.

To conclude, studies have shown that this day of smartphones, the human being has an attention span that is not exactly as long as it used to be a few decades ago. The aim therefore should be to optimize the amount of time taken to grasp the main message, in other words to make it unforgettable with the least amount of attention given. The irrevocable nature of a first impression in the psyche of the human mind is an advantage to use when coming up with inspiration for banners in 2019. Use it wisely.

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