7 Ways to Use Portable Banners

7 Ways to Use Portable Banners

Portable banners are the homestay in marketing and branding. They are used by different companies to push their products and services. You can find portable banners in expos, supermarket aisles and sales stands. The designs are innumerable and each user employs a personalised style to draw attention and reel in potential clients. Portable banners are popular for the convenience they offer and their effectiveness in marketing. Here are seven ways to use your portable banner effectively

For trade shows and expos

Portable banners are perfect for expos and trade conferences. They are easy to set up and do a great job in pushing a brand and marketing services and products. Portable banners accommodate prints that comprehensively display information. Setting up the banner only takes a few seconds. If you are planning to set up several banners, no need to worry about space. The banners take up little space and are great for indoor expos where space is limited. Portable banners are big enough to hold contact information, product information and information of the selling company while leaving room for captivating graphics.

Retail advertising

A portable banner forms the perfect welcoming installation for a retailing store. It’s great for announcing sales and special offers available in the store. Moreover, a banner draws attention to specific items in the store. You can set it up in the aisle to relay more information on the products. If you are in the service industry, banners are great for putting up welcoming messages and showcasing your services. For restaurants, banners are great displays for menus and specials of the day.

Talks and speaking engagements

If you have been invited to speak at a conference or a function, a portable banner is a valuable asset to carry along. More often than not it’s difficult to promote a product or service while delivering a speech or a talk. A banner does that job for you. All the necessary information you need to give away can be fit into a banner without getting in the way of your talk.

Outdoor banners

Not all marketing installations are effective in the outdoors. Portable banners are visible from a distance and effective in relaying information to potential clients. They can be designed to attract a particular clientele or forward specific information. With a strong base in place, the banners can be set up in almost any weather condition.

School, colleges and libraries

Educational institutions are great spaces to set up banners. Since loud marketing activations are out of the question in such spaces, portable banners are the best alternative. They are attractive and informative, the perfect combination for educational spaces.


If there is a new movie showing at the theatre or a show set to go up on stage, a portable banner is one of the best ways to get the word out. Portable banners are captivating installations and great for highlighting movie catalogues. Banners display the showtimes, special offers and the running dates

Supplement other marketing tools

Portable banners are great on their own but their effect is better when combined with other marketing tools. Fliers and pamphlets improve the effectiveness of banners and increase the probability of generating sales.

Potable banners are versatile marketing tools that never disappoint. Invest in some and start reaping the benefits.



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