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You’re in the process of planning an outdoor exhibition for your company or your own business. There are so many ideas and options to choose from that you’re struggling to decide which option will be best suited for your display. Depending on the business or product you have to nail the presentation altogether.

Here are a few options to get your creative juices flowing:


This premier marquee will give your display or exhibition a professional look, it has been designed to protect you and your products from the elements. The greatest feature about the MARQ is that it is customisable. The canopy, side, rear and awning can all be printed with your brand name or anything else you think will be suited. Helping to attract prospective clients and customers from afar.

It’s easy to set up and lightweight, so you won’t have to struggle on the day with intricate poles and materials.

Feather Flag

Adwings™ is a promotional flag that can be displayed next to your exhibition or anywhere on the day, to attract people to your stand. It sets up in minutes and will not be damaged when the weather turns a bit sour.

It can be printed on a single side or both sides and is washable. The fabric is UV resistant and windproof. There are different options for bases depending on what the surface looks like as well.

After the exhibition, you can reuse it at your business either inside or outside.


A heavy duty banner stand that will accompany your outdoor exhibition perfectly. If you don’t like the feather flag idea then this is definitely a strong contender. It is a heavy-duty, a double-sided banner that won’t just blow away with the first signs of a strong wind.

Webloc GT™ Counter

This portable counter is easy to set up and has plenty of space to display your items. It is easy to transport because it comes with a wheel and a handle, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. It isn’t just a counter, however, it is also a storage case that you can lock, freeing up a lot more space for other things like brochures and business cards.

DSA Frames

Perfect for indoors or outdoors, these double-sided frames are sturdy and great for your exhibition.

The A-framer is the perfect frame for the business who needs to change up the graphics frequently. No need to order new ones every few months when all you have to do is have a new sheet printed when you need it next. This frame might just stick around a lot longer than some of your employees would.

Planning an outdoor exhibition in itself is a lot of fun, making sure everything looks professional and put together is how you will attract people to come have a look and maybe even a chat. They will be interested in what you have to offer, especially if the aesthetic is attractive to outsiders looking in.


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