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The summer fun time, silly season is here and it’s time to get your event kit ready, so your exhibition display is on point – so that it makes your business stand out from the competition. Display banners have a hard life getting dragged around to and fro, from exhibition to exhibition. The knocks of transit can take a toll on your banners and leave them looking tired and worn. When this happens it’s time to say goodbye and upgrade to a new set. After all, your business deserves the best of the best and a shiny new display is the best way to show off your business to the public.

In this post, I will go through the array of banners available, so when it comes time to upgrade your kit with a fresh new set you will have all the information you need.

Media Walls

Media walls will usually be the centre of your display and will feature your brand and message loud and proud. Media walls are big banners that will hang at the back of your display with your brand and logo clearly marked so there is no mistaking whose exhibition the patrons have just walked into. Media walls are a necessity in your display kit and the bigger the better, bearing in mind your space restrictions of course.

Custom Flags

Custom flags are a great way of attracting attention to your stall, especially at outdoor events. The motion of flags moving in the breeze will add an extra element of attraction to your stall. Custom flags look great with clear branding flying full mast at your exhibition display. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of different applications and someone with a creative mind can have fun with them and use them how they see fit.

Portable Pull Up Banners

Portable pull up banners are standalone banners ideal for all locations, indoor and outdoor. I usually have about four to six of these in my kit of varying sizes. They are great for framing your display and adding depth. I usually put them on the outer perimeter at varying depths to add dimension and depth to a display.

There’s nothing worse than having a two-dimensional display that doesn’t engage the customer and is really easy to walk past. Portable pull up banners are so versatile and can be used in multiple ways such as directing traffic, drawing attention to the media wall, displaying vital information and any other way you can use them to enhance your display.

I often get my portable pull up banners printed displaying the separate colours of the logo and some information. So if my logo has three colours, I will get them printed in each colour with some branding. This will give you an extra element to play with when setting up your display. Try to think of your exhibition display holistically and from a design perspective. This will help you organise your display so it’s engaging and attractive to passers-by.

Promotional Flags and Bunting

Bunting is very handy to have in your exhibition display kit. Bunting can direct traffic to where you want it to go. The flickering bunting will also catch the eye of passers-by and attract them to your stall. They can also be set around the edge of your marque to frame the display.


We live in a visual culture and people like their senses to be engaged. Multimedia displays do exactly that. You may want to incorporate some video screens displaying your brand and information in the background near the media wall as well as have some audio running whether its music or information. Audio will attract people to your display and add another element.

Hanging Displays

If you are indoors, hanging displays are great to have in your arsenal. They have a big visual impact and make everything seem on a grand scale, while clearly displaying your logo. They are especially ideal for large convention centres and will have your display standing out from the crowds. The beauty of hanging displays is that they are omni directional, so no matter where someone is standing in the convention centre, your brand will be hanging high and will be visible from everywhere.

Hanging banners usually come in round or square shapes and are set up on a truss that is then winched up to the desired height. They are a must have for big shows where you really want to make an impact.

There you have it, some ideas for your next exhibition and some of the best gear to have in your display kit. Just remember to do some planning. You may even want to draw up exactly how you want your display to look before purchasing your supplies. Remember to purchase a few spares and some extra pull up banners so you can adjust your display according to the conditions.

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