Prefabricated Granny Flats: A Practical Choice

Prefabricated Granny Flats A Practical Choice

The formal term for granny flats used by the building industry is accessory living units. They are also sometimes called accessory dwelling units. From the word accessory, you get the idea that granny flats are usually an attachment or an adjunct of a living space.  This is exactly what a granny flat is – a separate living space within the grounds of the family home.


Building Granny Flats

Granny flats are becoming a viable option for many Sydney families looking for an extra space for their teenage children or elderly relatives.  If you have decided to build a granny flat on your grounds, there are many considerations to think about, and one of them is how to seamlessly add them into the design of your home.


Challenges of Adding a Granny Flat

While adding a granny flat is a great idea, there are many territorial and state statutes, zoning laws, and building restrictions that you need to comply with. For instance, in New South Wales, the assessment process for the approval of a granny flat comes in two ways: complying development and development applications.  When the Complying Development Certificate is issued, the property owners have to notify their neighbours 7 days before any type of building work commences.

Constructing or adding a new granny flat is usually expensive, even if it is just a connecting or adjunct dwelling.


A Practical Solution: Prefabricated Granny Flats

Granny flats come in various configurations, depending on where it will be fitted.  Property owners can have them custom-built or pre-fabricated. There are prefabricated granny flats available today that have superior design and excellent quality. These flats are made in a practical and cost-efficient manner, and its availability has made it easier and less expensive for homeowners to add them to their properties.

Prefabricated flats are flexible and have many designs, depending on the needs and preferences of homeowners.  The building codes of certain Australian localities are also considered in the design of these ancillary dwellings. There are 1-bedroom, two-bedroom, and 3-bedroom prefabricated flats. The 1-bedroom granny flat is purposely designed to easily fit into smaller properties. Homeowners can customize the layout of the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom designs.

Some granny flats are also used as a home office or business meeting room. This is especially suited for homeowners who work from home or have home-based businesses.

Although homeowners have an option of customisation, most prefabricated granny flats have standard kitchens with laminate bench tops, a single sink, a gas or electric cooktop and overhead cupboards. The bedrooms usually have light fittings, wardrobes, floor finishes and doors. The living area has power points, windows, and laminate flooring. The bathroom comes with a mirror, vanity, toilets and shower screens. The walls and roofing are usually made from energy-efficient materials. There are also a variety of exterior inclusions such as a selection of concrete roof tiles, a selection of entry doors, and much more.

Getting prefabricated granny flats is a practical choice for busy homeowners who are on a limited budget. They get the best of both worlds: quality and cost-efficiency.

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