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There are many ways to show appreciation in corporate settings. If a long-standing employee is leaving, they might get a monetary severance package, but it’s also customary to give them something more tangible. It might include a plaque or a gift basket.

Similarly, if your firm has been hosting a client team or even a corporate delegation from another regional office, it’s not unusual to give the guests a gift basket as they head back to their own headquarters.

Other scenarios that call for gift baskets include the boss’ birthday, the company anniversary, or cultural holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah. There’s a practice that has become somewhat popular, where instead of buying someone a gift, you donate to their favourite charity in their name. It’s essentially donating on their behalf.

This gift is socially acceptable because it has personal meaning, and it offers genuine help to a worthy cause. Some gift hamper providers have taken an extra step by offering speciality gift baskets. A portion of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice.

When you’re buying gifts in a corporate setting, there are several ways to approach it. If it’s a single gift, say, for the boss or his wife, then a personalised strategy is viable. You can get in touch with the boss’ PA or a family member to find out what his or her tastes are. That way, you’re sure to get something they will actually enjoy.

Modern lore suggests experiences are valued more than gifts, so instead of buying a tie, wall hanging, or new shoes, try getting them tickets to something they enjoy. It could be a musical concert, a museum, or an exclusive sports event. It could even be a dinner voucher at their favourite restaurant or a hang-out session with a favoured celebrity.

This might seem counter-intuitive. After all, if you gift something tangible like a painting, they will always look at it and think of you. But research has shown that the brain’s pleasure centres are more triggered by activities than objects, so invest in giving your recipient a memorable experience rather than a ‘shiny thing’.

Similarly, if you’re getting gifts for a delegation, take them on a fun group outing. It could be a customised city tour that takes them to interesting local spots rather than a generic tourist circuit. For instance, take them to the team’s favourite bars, clubs, or shopping spots.

Instead of showing them the mayor’s office or the town founder’s statue, you might take them to the town’s signature ice cream place, or the local area’s traditional food joint. Rather than a fancy restaurant, let them enjoy some popular street food or attend a local carnival to get a feel of the real-ness of your base town.

If you’d like something more structured and upmarket, hire out a local venue and grant them exclusive access. It could be a night club, movie theatre, or amusement arcade. Rent it for the night and give each delegate an all access pass so that they can enjoy all the rides, or watch a specially selected movie, snacks inclusive.

In addition to these memorable moments, you can still choose to give your guests a gift hamper as they leave. There is a large selection available. If you know about the recipient’s preferences, you can order something they will enjoy.

Most gift baskets have a specific theme so that it may be tied to a specific event, like a Christmas hamper, or it may have a particular message, like a ‘thank you’ hamper or a congratulatory ‘cheers’ hamper.

Aside from these, there are targeted hampers for chocolate lovers, coffee drinkers, wine sippers, beer revellers, or cheese champions. If you don’t have enough information, or if you’re uncertain on what to choose, select a mixed gift basket that has a sampling of each item. This way, your recipient is sure to find at least one item in the basket that they like.

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