Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Your Flatmates

Easter Gift Basket

Easter is a crucial period for Christians as they celebrate the resurrection of Christ. However, it is not a big holiday like Christmas, and not many people expect gifts, especially from people other than family and maybe close friends. Gifting your flatmates during Easter would be a fantastic idea since you would most likely catch them flat-footed.

These are important people whom you probably get to spend more time than some of your family members. Other than gifting them during usual festivities and birthdays, Easter is an ideal time to leave a mark. In this article, we look at several Easter basket ideas that you can use to gift your flatmates.

1. Chocolate Easter Egg Basket

Ever thought of Easter without eggs and the chocolate goodies that come with them? It is simply not Easter without these two. Since they are your flatmates, you have a rough idea who loves sweet things and who doesn’t. For those who have a sweet tooth, chocolates will be a great idea. Order an Easter basket, which generally comes with lots of Easter eggs made from chocolate.

2. Fruity Easter Basket

In case they don’t like chocolate, there is still something for them. We know it is Easter, and everyone has gotten chocolate Easter eggs, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to do that. A fruit basket is an excellent idea, especially for people who are health conscious. Include fruits like grapes, kiwis, apples, oranges, peaches, and any others that you think they would love. This would be a fantastic gift during Easter since it will be unique from all others that are likely to be full of chocolate.

3. Baker Set Easter Basket

This would be an excellent gift for a flatmate who is a baking enthusiast. Included in the basket should be essential items that you require for baking, such as baking tins, cupcake liners, a whisk, measuring cups, etc.

4. Spa treatment Easter Basket

With this all you want to do is give your neighbour an unforgettable spa treatment right in the comfort of their home. Include items that come in handy in a spa, items like oils, facial masks, massage tools, body scrub, body lotion, bath bombs, and sweetly scented bath soaps. You can add anything else that you feel would make them feel more relaxed. This will undoubtedly be a unique gift that they are unlikely to forget quickly.

5. Easter Brunch Basket idea

Easter, just like Christmas, is a perfect time to come together and eat. An Easter brunch basket would go well with a flatmate who enjoys hosting guests. If you have one like that, then get them this basket, which should contain muffin mix, lemon curd, napkin rings, blueberry jam, honey, and any other item you think would be ideal for a brunch.


Easter is the ideal period to gift people you probably do not gift often. With these Easter basket ideas, we are confident that you will get something to make your flatmate’s Easter an unforgettable one.


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