Why I Chose Roller Shutters

Why I chose Roller Shutters

Before installing roller shutters in my home, I had only seen them in malls and shopping complexes. I liked that clattering sound they made when they were yanked down, especially the satisfying thunk when the latch slid into place. To me, it was the sound of security, because it meant nobody could sneak into the store at night.

I also liked how colourful the shut-down store-fronts looked when I walked past them at night. Underneath the street lights, they resembled a rainbow of coloured walls and doors, like something out of Dr. Seuss storybook. So when I found out there were domestic options available for home, I was thrilled. Here are some of the things I got excited about.


As you’ve already guessed, I like colour. Roller shutters come in lots of hues and tones, so I can pick something neutral or get a shade that more closely matches my home décor. There are two main kinds of shutters for the home. For my outdoor areas like my porch, patio, or deck, I use mini-view roller shutters. They have gaps between their slats, so they make a good privacy screen for poolside areas too, or for outdoor showers by the pool or beach.

Then for my main windows, I use fully interlocking shutters that offer a beautifully solid screen which is both stylish and discreet. There are 12 standard colour options, including power red and a wood-grain imitation hue. If you prefer powder coating, it’s an added feature that enhances your protective paint layer and widens your colour range.


Roller shutters are a permanent addition to my home, so if I ever sell, the shutters stay with the new owners. However, they’re considered a value addition that can boost my property price by up to 30%. By installing them, I offer your home protection from rain, strong winds, fire, and natural disasters. The slats are coated with ultraviolet protection, so they last decades without fading and are easy to clean.

They also offer security benefits because the automatic latch on the bottom slat keeps my shutters … shut. However, they are locking slots both inside and outside the shutters, so I can reinforce the latch with padlock and the toughest crowbar will be unable to break through. Many roller shutters withstand impact, making it a good choice for garage doors.


The evening ritual of walking around the house, closing all my windows and drawing all my curtains can be tiresome, especially since I have to repeat the entire process in the morning. Roller shutters can be electronically operated so I can raise or lower them using a single button or a remote control. Plus, with the windows hidden behind the rollers, they’ll keep clean and need to be washed less frequently.

You can still keep curtains in your prefer (though I don’t), or have the shutters open during the day, in which case your housekeeping routine will stay the same, but you’ll still feel safer. And since roller shutters are more distinctthan curtains, the outside of your windows will be as pretty as the inside. Remember to dust the inside panels to avoid soiling your curtains.


I love multipurpose products, because they make me feel like I’ve saved money. As I’ve already told you, my roller shutters raise my home equity and make my house look pretty. They lower my security bill, because I don’t need CCTV for impenetrable windows (I still have some installed at my doors). And my house value and equity is much higher.

But the best thing is my savings in energy bills, especially now that winter is coming. The insulating properties of my roller shutters mean my heating bills are lower in winter, but it also means my cooling bills drop drastically in summer, so it’s a good deal all round. I’m quite happy I got them, and you will be too.


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