The Science Behind the Closeness Caused by Great Sex

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For many people, sex is an important part of a relationship. After all, being intimate with the partner is commonly what sets a romantic relationship apart from spending time with a friend. According to psychologists, sex scientifically brings people closer in a number of ways. But especially men who suffer from common sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation often shy away from intercourse because of their fear of not being able last longer in bed. The lack of intimacy and communication about the health issue sometimes causes great stress on the relationship and in severe cases even leads to a break-up. To lower the fear of not being able to perform last longer in bed, men should know that there are great treatment options, which can be prescribed by renowned doctors to aid with early ejaculation problems and help to stay connected with the partner. Read on to find out four scientific reasons why sex can cause great closeness.

The importance of oxytocin

Once a bond has formed between two people and love and sexual desire have been formed, the neuropeptide oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, gets released. Studies have found that couples, who have been together for more than a period of six months, had higher levels of oxytocin than long-time singles or those who have recently broken up. With the rise of intimacy, oxytocin hormone levels will increase through sexual activity in both men and women and released shortly after orgasm. The hormone acts as a chemical messenger in the brain and helps maintain fidelity as it brings both partners closer together through regular sex.

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The secret behind pillow talk

Even if intercourse is physically the closest a couple can get, some lovers say it is the pillow talk that happens after sex where the real intimacy lies. This is the time where people often feel most connected to the partner as they have just formed an emotional bond. With all the oxytocins in the body, especially women who achieved orgasm during intercourse tend to share secrets and personal information with their partner and also make positive comments about the relationship related to their recent satisfaction. For any man suffering a sexual dysfunction, intimate pillow talk is the chance talk about anything with the partner and to be completely honest about performance related worries. These affectionate moments might increase sexual desire among the partners and stimulate the overall communication within the relationship.

Why afterglow helps us bonding

Psychologists have defined the satisfaction that comes after sexual activity as “sexual afterglow”. A recent study has found that especially newlywed couples can experience an afterglow, which lasts up to two days. This proves, that people who engage in great sex stay sexually satisfied longer than the actual activity lasts. Hence the afterglow is linked with relationship quality over time. There has been the assumption that this afterglow sustains the bond between the partners and reduces the risk of one of them seeking adventure in an affair.

How we might develop shared brain activity

Even though it might be true that women use more brain activity when it comes to sex and arousal than men, who are presumed to be more visual creatures, when both genders are experiencing love and sexual desire, the same regions of the brain are stimulated, which results in similar brain activity in both partners. The same happened during research when pictures of the loved one were shown, which activated the same brain areas in the individuals. This could suggest, that love can grow from a feeling of closeness to shared brain activity amongst partners.

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