Valeo Cooling System for European Trucks


Just like the Turbocharger, a cooling system is a critical component of a truck. It keeps the engine from overheating, thus, prevents engine failure. The cooling system regulates the temperature of the engine, regardless of what temperature it is outside. When it is hot outside, the cooling system keeps the engine from running too hot. Similarly, when it is too cold out, it helps to keep the engine from freezing up and breaking down. However, to offer all these benefits for your truck, the proper maintenance of the cooling system is of utmost importance.

The maintenance of the cooling system

Even a small decrease in the cooling system functions or lack of maintenance will increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle, and it can also prove to be disastrous to the engine. Thus, the cooling system of a truck needs regular as well as preventive maintenance. Proper maintenance of the cooling system is essential to avoid unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs, and radiator failures.

The following are a few of the basic tips for proper maintenance of the coolant system of your truck.

  • Keeping the coolant levels up

You need to check regularly and ensure that the coolant is maintained at the right level in the radiator. Make sure that the water to coolant ratio is always at 1:1. You can opt for a pre-mixed version of the coolant from the auto supply stores if you are not sure about the mix yourself.

  • Making sure that the radiator cap is tightly on

The radiator cap helps in maintaining proper pressure in the radiator. Be careful when you touch the cap because if the engine is running, the cap will feel hot. It will also have a significant pressure behind it, and so, you should be extremely cautious. It is best not to touch it when the engine is running.

  • Keeping the radiator clean

As a part of the regular maintenance schedule, you can go for radiator cleaning with other required maintenance services a few times a year.

  • Flushing and filling annually

Once a year, the cooling system needs to be completely flushed and refilled to maintain optimum performance. Accumulation of dirt and dust can damage the cooling system if it is not appropriately maintained.


Regardless of how well you maintain the cooling system, it will all fall flat if you do not have the right product, to begin with. When it comes to replacing the cooling system, make sure you only avail high-quality aftermarket parts for Japanese truck from reliable websites. Read the reviews about the product and do proper market research to make sure that the cooling system is durable and compliant with your truck.


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