Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Single Dads

Gourmet Gift Baskets

As the world becomes more and more equal, we’re finding an increasing number of single dads. And as Father’s Day approaches, it’s a good time to celebrate the amazing job they do raising their kids. Don’t settle for boring presents like socks and ties. Give dad something really special this father day to show how much you care. Gift baskets are a good option, because you can load them with all kinds of things a dad would love.

The easiest way to purchase one is to get something pre-curated. Then you can simply sign the card. However, if you want a more personal touch, you can assemble your own gift basket filled with some of your favourite dad’s favourite items. It could include his preferred drink, maybe a book or some music, tickets to a sport or show he likes, or maybe an item you know he’s been wanting, whether it’s a new razor or a fitness band.

A good night’s sleep

Any parent of young kids knows what a blessing it is to spend a full night in the land of zzzs. This applies to single dads, single mums, or even couples that live under the same roof, so why not offer this to your favourite solo daddy-o? Design a voucher he can redeem when he needs to. The voucher offers him a night of babysitting so he can get some sleep.

Round off the package with sleep aids like earplugs or soothing music. Then, throw in a luxurious treat for his bed. Load the gift basket with a Hawkins New York Lined Duvet Cover plus a pair of sheets and a new duvet. Your single dad probably won’t be one for throw pillows and rolled cushions though, because he’s unlikely to actually use them.

But he will love the feel of crisp fresh sheets and a warm cosy duvet for those cold nights. Duvet covers will make laundry day way easier because anything the kids spill on the bed can just be washed off the removable cover, instead of having the entire duvet dry-cleaned. Buy him a few extra sets so he still has something to use while it’s in the wash.

Gift Hampers for Him

DIY drinks

If your dad likes to have a nice drink (after the kids are in bed of course), or if he sometimes has his boys over when the kids are with their mum (or his mum), he will probably enjoy an excuse to test his cocktail mixing skills. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girly drink or something with stones. Either way, cocktail kits look amazing on the mantel, and they can be fun both to mix and to consume, so it makes a great gift.

Try a Cocktails & Dreams hamper equipped with a copper kit from Shaken Essentials. It has an international style to it, with a shaker from Paris, a jigger from Japan, and a copper strainer. The gift box also has Zokoko dark chocolate, some Four Pillars gin, and a set of cocktail mixes that contain just under 100ml each of Manhattan, Martini, Negroni, and Old Fashioned in tastefully designed bottles that dad is bound to re-use.

If the dad you have in mind is a little more ambitious, you could sign him up for a bartending class and gift him a Mixologist hamper. It comes in a cocktail roll that straps over his shoulder and has holsters for each of the 11 pieces in his Mixologist Tool Kit –jigger, tweezer, fork & pik, juliep, bar ray, shaker, paddle, trident, end blade, teardrop, and strainer. Be sure to offer babysitting services for the class nights as well.

Go go gadget dad

For the man who loves electronic devices, a Google Home Mini makes the perfect gift. It fits right within his coolness factor, and it’s something he can use with the kids. The device comes preloaded with trivia, games, kids’ entertainment, and it can coach your kids through their Ps and Qs. He can even use it as a prop for bedtime stories. Aside from helping him with the kids, the Google Home Mini can help him carry out his usual Google tasks.

He can schedule his calendar orask quick search questions. You can also add an Instant Pot Ultra to his gadget box. It makes meal prep much easier, is dishwasher-safe, and can be used for steaming, pressure cooking, yoghurt making, and slow cooking. It has pre-set cooking functions for rice, meat, chilli, beans, soup, eggs, porridge, and even cake. Accompanying accessories include a measuring cup, canning rack, and rice spatula.


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