Does Your Car Need Detailing?

Car Need Detailing

How often have you seen this sign along a line of car wash places? So is it something that you really need, or should you just leave this car service to those who are particularly obsessed with their vehicles?

Well, here’s our take on the matter: whether you are a car enthusiast or not, your car can benefit from a regular detailing to look its best.

So, what is this all about? Learn the basics of mobile car detailing in the sections below.


What Does Car Detailing mean?

The first thing that you need to know is that this service requires a top-to-bottom cleaning of your car. It is thorough, and it can only be done with the use of some specialised tools and products. In most cases, it also involves a bit of touch-up work. Of course, nothing severe though. This means that body works and dents cannot be covered up in just an afternoon of car detailing.

But what does it involve? A top-down cleaning of the interior and exterior spaces in your vehicle. What it does is aim to have you drive off in a car that looks as good as new.


Car wash vs. Car Detailing

By now, you already have a vague idea as to what car detailing is. So how then does this differ from a car wash? Allow us to illustrate the difference.

Say, you drive in with a car that has mud in almost all of its places. At the side, there’s a dent from when you backed over your neighbour’s parked car. On the front, a little bit of rust has gathered as a result of old age and weathering.

Now, this is what it will look like once it is done getting the car washed:

All the mud will disappear. The dent will still be there. And the rust will be significantly waxed off.

On the other hand, after a mobile car detailing, you will drive off with a mud-less car. The dent may or may no longer be there. And the rust will be completely gone from your car’s hood.

Does that paint an accurate picture for you? We hope it does. Because every car owner can benefit from a regular car pampering once in a while.


What are the Benefits?

So other than a cleaner car, how else can you get the most out of your car detailing service? Here are some reasons to have your car detailed more often.

1) It will increase its value.

Thinking of re-selling your car? Keeping it in mint condition also means taking it in for a regular detailing service.

2) Your vehicle will be better protected.

The weather and other elements can take its toll on your car. To give it the best shot, you should have its exterior regularly maintained

3) You can inspect your car better.

Of course, with your car spick and span, you’d be able to meticulously evaluate every nook and crevice.

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