Metal Roofing

Choosing the right material for your roof is one of the most important decisions you can make as a home owner. Whether it is during construction, or as a replacement, it is imperative that you make the right choice. This will be affected by various factors, including the assessment of the weather in your region, the reviews of the similar roof types from people who have installed them, and of course, the cost of the installation.

All things considered, metal roofing is seems to be coming out on top, with most homeowners in Australia shifting towards this. It is made from different materials such as aluminium, tin, and galvanized steel. It also offers you a choice between different styles, including shingles, panels, and whole roofing sheets, with some of these even being made to imitate clay, wood, and even stone roofing to an impressive degree. Here are some of the reasons why more people are turning towards metal roofing:


They Last Forever

One of their most endearing qualities has got to be longevity. It is also one of the biggest factors that people consider when choosing a new roof; it would not make sense choosing something that has to be replaced in 5 years, would it?

Metal roofing has a lifespan that is decades long, without requiring any major repairs. It is especially thanks to its ability to withstand different types of stressors, from severe storms to incredible temperature changes.  For added peace of mind, many of the manufacturers of metal roofing will give you a warranty on their products. The warranties go for anywhere between 30 and 50 years, to protect you from any defects that may cause the material to wear out prematurely. This in itself is a testament to the material’s longevity. They however do not cover freak accidents and impact damages such as fires or trees falling on your roof.


They Have A High Safety Rating

Another major factor that should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing a roof is safety. When you are dealing with metal roofing, you have one of the safest types of roofs during a storm, since for one it will not ignite, in the event of a lightning strike. In Australia, one of the most common metals used for roofing is steel, which is known for its ability to handle a beating, and hold up heavy weights. This means that it will withstand objects such as falling tree branches a lot better than say clay roofing. It also means that you are a lot safer when conducting any sort of roof based activity, such as gutter cleaning. You are less likely to fall through a metal roof, compared to clay and wood roofs which are more likely to have spots of weakness. You can also harness yourself better to a metal roof, further limiting the chances of any catastrophic falls.


Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is usually made from materials that are recyclable. Materials like steel and aluminium are 100% recyclable and even fetch quite a price at some scrap yards, making metal roofing one of the most eco-friendly choices out there. Another added advantage is that certain steel roofs can be treated in a way that lets them reflect the heat from the sun, therefore absorbing less. This is turn makes them absorb less and the amount of heat that radiates within your home in the high temperature summer months is significantly lessened. This is good for your cooling bills, and therefore the environment by extension, especially for homes that use gas based cooling systems.


Metal Roofing


Require Low Maintenance

Even while being long lasting, metal roofing has the added advantage of needing incredibly low maintenance to keep your roof looking great. To start with, they can survive with no annual maintenance, which is great news when compared to other types of roofing that require a staining or a paint job every few months. All that is required when dealing with metal roofs is a cleaning once in a while, to take out any leaves, dust, or debris that is stuck up there. The cleaning process itself is rather easy, requiring a pressure washer and water alone. Unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer, all you need to do is hose down any dirt to keep your shingles or panels looking new.


Goes With Different Housing Types

Compatibility with your house is also a great concern when choosing a roof replacement. With metal roofing, colour and shape are versatile and can fit in with different house styles. They work with fairly traditional roof types such as gable and hip roofs while at the same type remaining malleable enough to be bent into more modern and fluid structures such as curved roofs. The different types of corrugation, colour and styling also make these types of roofs ideal for older, more Victorian style houses as well. There are manufacturers that will even allow you to customize your roof to a certain degree.


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