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Here you’ll learn the secrets to style your home for twenty-nineteen. A lot of modern ideas have come to light, myths debunked and contemporary concepts resurfaced as we’re preparing to step into the third decade of the twenty-first century. Homemakers and interior designers now realize that the same kind of furniture cannot be sold to all types of people.

People differ in personality and they desire the same kind of uniqueness in their home environment. Interior creates an aura and people want to live in a certain kind of environment. Some people want their furniture to be heavy, wooden and classic while others prefer a sleek and slim design.

Whether designing or re-designing your house, you need to choose a theme for your home. We have broken down the current-trending themes below so you can choose yours easily.

The Minimalist

We have placed minimalism in the beginning because this seems to be the theme not only for houses but almost every single thing (even for websites). Minimalism focusses on de-cluttering unnecessary stuff from your life and only focusing on things that bring you joy.

A minimalist home will have a few comfortable furniture-and-interior pieces that are artfully placed around the rooms so they don’t appear full. Instead of three tables, you can do with one. The goal is to have fewer things of bigger value.

This comes in handy when you have to maintain your house. A home with fewer things will be easy to clean. The same goes for an office or studio.


Hygge is an idea taken from the Danish culture where coziness and comfort for the mental wellbeing of human beings are taken in regard. When designing your home in the hygge style, you should add pieces that soothe the mind and relax your brain.

Some great examples of thing to bring out the tranquility, contentment,and comfort include:

  • Fairy lights
  • Blankets
  • Choosing a warm color pallet
  • Books
  • Fireplace
  • Natural elements (sunlight, candlelight, open windows)
  • Creating cozy nooks to relax and drink tea.

This already sounds so relaxing!


A modern theme sticks to well-tailored designs and fine lines. The furniture is elegant and made to perfection. Instead of wood; metal and glass are preferred. The color palette consists of black, white, grey or earthy tones.

A modern theme works well when you want to decorate a small office area or a new house. You can highlight the natural features of your property like a big window or a plain yellow wall.


You can call a theme vintage if you want to decorate your place like you’d do a farmhouse. Overstuffed sofas and wooden tables. Lots of whimsical pieces like an antique clock, wooden shelves, king-sized beds,and textured curtains. This kind of theme gives off a very holiday vibe and suits well for big families, with kids.

When styling your home, take the following things into consideration:

  • Break down your property styling and plan it room by room.
  • Start with the biggest room and gradually come down to the smaller ones.
  • Take opinions of experts and use their guidance to select interior pieces.
  • Stick to a theme. Use your own personality to navigate the theme you’d prefer for your home.
  • Gradually add decoration pieces, don’t rush. You can layer each room over time.
  • Buy stuff that brings you joy, don’t invest in unnecessary furniture.
  • Paintings never go out of style.

By now you know the different kinds of themes to go for your new place. Have a blast decorating (or redecorating), and don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section which theme you’ve decided for yourself.


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