Using Marble to Renovate Your Bathroom

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Home renovation can be one of the most exciting tasks. However, the amount of planning and decision making required to succeed can be overwhelming.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, in particular, there is so much to be done. Of course, every homeowner desires to have a bathroom that perfectly fits its function. But, at the same time, the bathroom ought to be deluxe.

Transforming an old bathroom to be as good as new needs intricate planning and investment. Products like bathroom tiles, sinks and showers are among the most significant assets.

Picking out the best material for your floors and table tops will go a long way into creating the perfect bathroom space.

Marble tiles in your bathroom will create the luxe suite you desire. Here’s why.

Marble comes in a wide range of colours.

Marble tiles in your bathroom are the exact depiction of sophistication. This is because marble comes in numerous colours. You can combine the colours to meet your design specifications, no matter how outrageous your desires.

Combining brighter colour tones with dull ones creates a beautiful contrast that makes your tiles stand out in the bathroom. Moreover, the design eliminates visual monotony.

The numerous colour options also make it easier to blend the tiles with other aspects of the room. This includes the sink and toilet, whose colours can match or contrast those of the marble.

Marble is considered among the top materials.

Marble flooring tiles have been popularised for their innate beauty and lustre. The aesthetic appeal of the stone makes it a valuable flooring material that easily enhances the value of a property.

Therefore, installing marble finishes in bathroom spaces is highly recommended for houses in the property market. You can also increase rental revenue by investing in the appeal of marble tiles.

For sale or not for sale, a house with marble looks and feels good. Only a few natural stones come close to the appeal of marble.

Marble tiles are multi-purpose. 

One of the most useful things about marble tiles is their versatile nature. The stone can be used to tile floors, walls and bathroom table tops.

Marble flooring tiles come in a wide range of finishes for different applications. Polished finish is the most popular and consist of a gloss look with reduced porosity. The finish is elegant and best suited for lavish bathroom spaces.

On the other hand, if you desire a rustic look for the bathroom space, a brushed finish has the perfect blend of a natural and antique look. You only need to take care of the porosity.

A honed finish is another option that has a rustic look with a buttery feel. The finish is scratch-resistant and great for high traffic spaces. Finally, for bathroom spaces, tumbled marble tiles are the ideal flooring option. The finish has great grip and low porosity.

The finish of your marble tiles, however, doesn’t restrict your choice of bathroom tiling.

Marble tiles are durable.

A big contributing factor to the popularity of marble is its timeless nature. The smooth surface and tough rocky structure make the tiles last long.

Marble flooring can have low porosity and high resistance to scratches and water damage, depending on the finish. If the finish is vulnerable, applying a sealant will improve resistance to staining and reduce porosity.

You can get so many different looks in your bathroom depending on the type and size of marble flooring tiles you opt for. Therefore, accent your bathroom with the stylish finish of marble flooring tiles. You will experience worldly elegance and enjoy the overwhelming benefits of an ageless natural stone finish.

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