How to Choose the Right Leather Lounge size for Your Home

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Your lounge is the standout furniture in your living room. Although some people argue that the TV set is the focal point, you would not watch it if you do not have a sofa to sit on. This underlines the importance of choosing the right couch for your living space.

Some factors to consider when purchasing a lounge include its size, colour, the shape of your space, amount of traffic, and intended use, and so on. Yet, many people often struggle to find the right size.

Here are some tips you should follow to help you choose the right lounge size for your home.


The size of your lounge should be proportional to the amount of space in your room. You do not want a seat that is too big that it occupies a large area in your room – nor do you want a sofa that is too small. For instance, it is not practical to fit in a 3–piece set in a studio apartment. Moreover, the size of the lounge should also be in scale with other furniture in your room.

The shape of Your Space

Every home has a unique living room design. Some spaces have an open floor, while others have pillars running in-between them. Also, the walls rooms can be angular or circular. Your sofa must fit the shape of your space.

The general rule is that a lounge should not float into an open space or go beyond an existing wall. Sectional sofas are ideal for open floor spaces because they give a sense of shape and separation. For instance, they help people distinguish between the sitting area and the dining area. Lastly, a sofa should not obscure features such as fireplaces, shelves, and windows.

Amount of Traffic

When shopping for a new lounge, many people tend to overlook the amount of traffic. According to Feng Shui, the number of people who visit a room has an impact on the energy flowing in and around it. An option that interrupts this flow makes a place boring and dull.

A lounge should provide relaxation, not cause anxiety and stress. More importantly, furniture should not block entryways that people use to move around the room. If you have to push aside your sofas regularly, you should probably downsize them.

Intended Use

The last consideration when choosing the size of the lounge for your room is its intended use. Most people use their couches when watching TV and movies, although some individuals use them for relaxing and sometimes reading. If you like watching movies alongside family and friends, consider getting a big-sized lounge. However, if you are an introvert who spends most of their time alone, a single-seater would suffice.


Finding a lounge that fits in perfectly into your space is not an easy task. The tips mentioned are an excellent starting point, but the choice ultimately lies with you. If you feel unsure about how to move forward, ensure that you seek professional assistance.

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