Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add To Your Décor As Well As Warmth

Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add To Your Décor As Well As Warmth

Getting the chance to spend time outside while taking in the fresh air and enjoying the environs is sometimes hampered by cooler weather conditions that force us to remain indoors. Despite this fact, many people are still willing to brave the cold to take advantage of such a valuable opportunity. Outdoor heaters presented the solution to this dilemma, which could be installed in outdoor seating areas to provide warmth and comfort.

As things are wont to do, outdoor heating options have evolved. Their design and placement are now considered to be a part of the aesthetics of the outdoor area. While acting as a source of heat remains the outdoor heater’s primary function, many have realised that they do not have to choose between form and function any longer. They can and often will get both. Outdoor heaters are now as much a centre point of décor in an outdoor area as they are used to keep the cold away.

Below are examples of outdoor heating options that will keep you warm in the cold outdoors while inspiring awe due to their stunning appearances.

Escea EP1350 Outdoor Wood Fire Table

This product redefines table design. When lit, the outdoor wood fire table has a flame, which shoots up from the table’s centre to stunning effect. Campfires inspired its design, and you should consider the table as such. The EP1350 is shaped like a table with a cut out at the centre to facilitate the fire. It makes use of Firecore technology that effectively suppresses the amounts of smoke coming out of the fire. This technology creates a warm, pleasant ambience with undue discomfort.

What elevates the EP1350 is its dual functionality. It was designed for both food preparation and warmth; therefore, you may gather your family or guests around the table and enjoy both warmth and a meal prepared right in front of you.

Morso Kamino Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace

The Morso Kamino Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace is a beautifully designed outdoor heater whose curved lines and smooth aesthetic will please any eye that beholds it.  This fireplace is constructed using cast iron, an excellent heat conductor once it gets up to temperature. The cast iron is also able to withstand much lower temperatures, so you and your guests are guaranteed to stay warm even on those frigid days. You may use either coal or wood with this fireplace. It also has a bonus feature that allows you to rotate the fire pit depending on the wind direction, so you have more control over your fire.

Regency HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Regency Gemfire has created a stunning masterpiece with this fireplace. It takes the conventional design of a fireplace and elevates it by allowing you the option to select your border installation. The essential fireplace consists of a stainless steel body containing the fire pit. From this base, you may choose a structure that fits your desired design. Our showpiece is made of natural stone, which we put together to create that specific look. You do not have to be limited to this design. Allow your creativity free reign, and we will endeavour to meet your expectations.

The HZO42 is made even better by the features placed in the fire pit. Rather than wood, since it is a gas fireplace, crystals of varying colours or ceramic garden stones can be used to enhance the wow factor.

Escea EW5000 Inbuilt Outdoor Wood Fireplace

If you would prefer the more traditional wood-burning fireplace, this is an excellent option to consider. The EW5000 is made to stand out and create a magnificent focal point for your outdoor entertaining area. This fireplace is made of a central stainless steel firebox built into a certified fireproof enclosure. You have your choice in chambers, whose selections include brickwork, stone, concrete or non-combustible masonry. The EW5000 has a stainless steel slab fronting, which can be excluded at your request to create a flush design that resembles a traditional wood fireplace more closely when the surrounding has been fully assembled.

Escea created

this fireplace with the provision for a large cooking surface, which presents the opportunity to BBQ while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. With a delicious, hearty meal and intense, soothing heat around you, the time spent around this fireplace will always seem like it is too short.

Make the most of your outdoor entertaining area with an outdoor heater that will warm and wow at the same time. The advances in outdoor heating will work to your advantage, and you will have the opportunity to create an awe-inspiring outdoor space whose design is an expression of your creativity with an eye for the finest. Not even the winter weather will deter you from enjoying the outdoors any time the urge take you.

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