Five Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

Roof Repairs

So you’ve been noticing a leak here and there and some creaky sounds are coming from the attic. Apart from it being spooky, it is scary for your budget too. We bet you made a mental note to start saving money the first time you sensed that roof maintenance is due.


Roof Repairs


When you were young, your parents took care of everything and all you were concerned with was making a fort with the patio furniture lined up in the garage. But now, as adults, it’s an alarming situation because re-roofing requires a lot of time and energy. The good news is that you can save up on both of those if you act fast. Don’t wait for the storm you blow off your roof before you call in the services of an expert roof contractor.

When you start experiencing the following signs, you must start planning for roof restoration right away.



Or in this case, a roof by its exterior. Schedule a few roof (self)inspections throughout the year where you look closely for any signs of decay or damage on your roof. It depends largely on the weather and moisture levels in your area on how lenient you can afford to be with the roof maintenance.


Roof Repairs


Before everything else, learn to spot these damaged areas. There are plenty of videos available on the internet that can teach you the difference between a normal and damaged roof. The first signs of decay (that can be visually pointed out) appear on the shingles of the roof. Cracked or dented shingles with edgy, turned corners or missing granules are telltale signs that your roof needs repair. The good thing is, the earlier you repair these the damage won’t multiply.



Clogging of rain gutters indicates that the debris, dirt pieces, and granules from broken shingles are passing down with the rainwater into these gutters and clogging them.  Whatever you find inside them has most probably been coming down from the roof. That is why checking the rain gutters is a smart idea to see what’s going on above.


Roof Needs Repair




Growth of fungus or algae on the roof shows that it has been damp for too long. Together, they form lichen which can be acidic and penetrate through the shingles. Moss is another thing that grows on the roof and retains moisture during cold weather. It can freeze and cause breakage.


Roof Repairs


If you have a metal or tin roof, it can get rusty over time. Rust also causes damage to the roof, but that is not the worst part. Rust is known to vitalize the growth of bacteria that causes tetanus. There are many home remedies available that can cure basic signs of rust, but when the problem goes out of control, you must call in the professionals.



If the roof structure appears worn down and “sagging” rather than straight, that means the roof needs maintenance. When the water creeps into the roof, the moisture causes the plywood to become warped. You will notice a difference between the roof deck structures of a healthy vs. sagging roof.


Roof Replacement



Go up into the attic when the sun is shining bright and take a close look for any signs of moisture. The last thing you would like to see is the sunlight writhing through the open spots in the attic. That surely means that all abovementioned forms of water, algae and fungal growth have crept in as well.

There is no reason to delay the roof repair any further. Pick up your phone right now and schedule a roofing service. The experts will tell you all the details about the extent of damage after inspecting your roof. Better safe than sorry.

Remember that roof restoration doesn’t need to be an ordeal. Make proper arrangements beforehand to avoid the last minute hustles.

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