Weber Portable BBQ Options for This Summer

Weber Portable BBQ Options for This Summer

Summer means getting out, enjoying the warm weather, bonding with family, and probably getting some grilling on. So have you thought of how you are going to make this summer a little different? How about a good old Australian barbeque, bonding with friends, and just being out? And for your summer to be memorable, you need to have the perfect grill for the job. With the endless list of barbeques you could get for yourself, we have made the search much easier for you with the below picks.

• The Weber Go-Anywhere

If you are looking for a weber bbq that has broken the traditional norm, then this is one to consider. It has been designed in a hibachi-style with a windbreak, making it a perfect charcoal grill option. And as mentioned, it is a go-anywhere grill due to its foldable legs, making moving it around that much easier. The grill’s finish is in black porcelain, offering you that luxe look, even after use.

• The Jumbo Joe Griller

If you are looking for something grand to satisfy your grilling needs, then this should be one to look at. It has been designed to be 47 cm, with enough surface to meet all your roasting needs, from grilling burgers, your steaks, sausages, and vegetables without cramping the space. It comes in a traditional look to ensure it serves you well during your barbeque session.

• A Smokey Joe Option

If barbequing is something new for you, then how about looking into this option. Think of it as a perfect tool for bbq beginners. It is 36cm, designed to be portable and compact. It is also an ideal grilling option if you are looking for something to carry your camping adventures easily.

• The Weber Q 2200

Are you looking for something portable to use in your grilling sessions? This is another excellent option to look into. It is a grill that is easy to go when you want to pack for your next adventure tour quickly, and grilling is part of the activities and just perfect addition for a simple backyard party. We have to agree, having a portable grill is a serious game-changer in the market, so why not get on for you.

• The Weber Baby Q 1200

Sometimes having a big barbeque will take up too much space, especially when storing it away till your next barbeque hangout. So how about getting a small bbq? Its compact size and design makes it the perfect option for taking around while still offering you the benefits of roasting your meats with charcoal.


A gill is a great accessory to add to your backyard hangouts or parties, but for you to enjoy this new accessory, ensure you get the perfect one for your needs. Figure out if you like a large surface area while grilling, or something compact would work for you. Do you need something that is easily moveable or, better yet, portable if you need to carry it on your next trip easily.

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