Travel Gift Baskets for Your Man

Travel Gift Baskets for Your Man

It’s always a little bit sad when your man takes off travelling, whether it’s for work or for a holiday. No matter if it’s a couple of days or a week, even though you can always reach him on the phone you can still feel the distance between you.

Savvy people know that the best way to have your man thinking about you while he’s away and to put a smile on his face is by giving him a gift that he can take away with him. Every time he picks it up he can be reminded of you! Now while many people choose something cheesy like a mini soft toy, or a key ring, why not choose something that’s functional as well?

Travel gift baskets are the perfect gift for the travelling man, giving him something to remind him of you and at the same time be really useful on his trip. If you’ve never heard of travel gift baskets, well then you have now!

Travel Gift Baskets for Your Man

What exactly is in a travel gift basket? Well, you can liken it to those travel packs that you receive on flights with premium airlines, with useful items such as moisturiser, toothpaste, ear plugs, etc. etc. In fact, with a travel gift basket, you really can let your mind roam free and come up with whatever you think is going to make your man’s trip run more smoothly.

The first thing that is usually going to be the basis of a travel gift basket is the pack that it comes in. Most men don’t go shopping for accessory bags with zippers for the bathroom, etc. You can get a basic toiletries bag in whatever size you please that’s waterproof so it can go in the bathroom. Or you might choose to use as a carry bag a packing cube, which can be handy to fit is his suitcase and keep bits and pieces separate. Many people choose to use packing cubes for all of their travel items, to separate out underwear, shirts, pants, etc.

Once you’ve got your travel bag/pack then you can start to think about what you’re going to put inside of it. This might be like some nice aftershave balm in a travel size. Remember that if he’s only taking carry on then all his liquids and gels will need to be smaller than 100ml in size (if he travels by plane, that is). Other nice bathroom type items you can include might be a premium body wash, a facial scrub, etc.

What else can you put in the Travel Set For Him? How about a nice set of cuff links if he needs to attend prestigious meetings? Or a business card holder for when he’s meeting new prospects? Have a think about what he might need while he is away travelling that won’t take up too much space and will be highly useful.

Travel sets for him can be as fancy or as functional as you wish, the choice is really up to you and what you think that your man would want. No matter what you pack for him, he’ll appreciate it as the sentiment is there that you were thinking about him – and his travels.

Whether you choose to make your own travel gift set for him or purchase a gift basket for travel already made from a gift basket store online, you can be sure that you’ll light up your man’s face when he receives it. A gift or two when he least expects it can go a long way and can make him feel more at home even while he’s away travelling.

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