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Baby Gift Baskets

Being a parent is a tough job. Especially those who are entering into that world for the first time and will probably need all the help that they can get!So, when it comes time to buying a present for new parents, try get them something that will make life easier. It could be something that will help out with baby or a gift to help them unwind when the baby is asleep. In this post, we will take a look at some gift ideas for new parents.


Kuri is a home robot that autonomously cruises around your house and will take photos and video of your children. She even acts as a second set of eyes which can be viewed from a tablet or smartphone. Kuri has motion sensors and facial recognition and can even tell if your dog is on sleeping on the couch. Again! If your dog is on the couch, Kuri will ask it to get off. Kuri also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can be set up to tell your kids bedtime stories. The future is now, and Kuri isn’t too far off step from having your own Rosie (the robotic maid from the Jetsons!).

Pacifier Thermometer

This gadget is a great to monitor your baby’s temperature. It’s a pacifier that doubles as a thermometer. No longer do you have to check your baby’s temperature the old-fashioned way. This will save the time of having to undress your baby to take their temperature and will cause the least disruption.

MamRoo Swing

The mamRoo Swing is a swing and a bouncy chair with a difference. It features five automated settings that will rock and bounce your baby to sleep. With settings such as car ride, the baby will be catching Z’s in no time, giving the parents some much-needed peace and quiet.

Baby Shusher

When the baby is crying, and you can’t find a solution, look no further than Baby Shusher. This device mimics the sound of the womb and triggers your baby’s natural calming reflex to have him or her in a relaxed (and most importantly the quiet!) state of Zen in no time. It’s a bit weird, but it works and that’s the main thing.

Birthday Gift Hampers

A Mum or Dad Survival Kit

Every parent gets caught out sometimes. A survival kit will contain all the necessities that a new parent is likely to need such as wipes, diapers and various other items. There are kits available to buy that are pre-packed with essential parenting items or you make your own and tailor it for the recipient. The new parents will thank you next time they are reaching for some nappies and the packet is empty. They will have the peace of mind knowing that the survival kit is stocked and ready.

Netflix Subscription

This one is for the parents when they do get a rare moment of down time. Once the day is done and the little cherub is sleeping peacefully it’s time for the parents to catch up on their favourite series. Netflix offers a myriad of TV shows, documentaries, and movies and will be hours of entertainment for the new parents who have traded nights out for nights in, getting comfy on the couch, slaves to the beckoning cries of bubby.

Baby Snuggles Gift Hamper

Celebrate the newborn by giving the gift of a Baby Snuggles gift hamper. The hamper contains a cute plush rabbit toy, some Baby Botty Balm, and a teether. It comes with a bunch of baby related stuff and is beautifully wrapped to mark the occasion. These hampers will light up the life of the new parents when it’s delivered directly to their door.

Say Congratulations in Style Gift Basket

This gift basket has something for the parents as well as the baby. It contains a bottle of Moet for the doting new parents to wet the baby’s head with and also contain products to ensure baby is happy and healthy such as baby wash products and nourishing lotion. It comes complete with a plush rabbit for the baby to hug and hold.

Cheeky Monkey Gift Basket

This gift basket is so cute. It contains a plush musical monkey, bib, a squeaker toy and some baby-friendly chocolate. They are all themed in a very cute stripe pattern. Their baby will fall in love with the monkey and it will become their favourite new toy.

Buying for new parents can be a chore but with all the cool new gadgets and gift baskets available you shouldn’t have a problem. I hope this list has given you some ideas for gifts to give to new parents. If you’re ever in doubt or running low on ideas have a browse around on the internet for inspiration.


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