10 Tips for Safe Summer Barbecues

Summer Barbecues

The summer season is an excellent time to barbecue. You get to enjoy the outdoor sun coupled with the sweet smell of grilled food. However, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind to make your barbecuing a success. Let us look at ten tips that will also serve as grilling safety tips to prevent accidents while barbecuing.

Summer BBQ

  1. Clean the Grill

Your grill should be clean before use. A grease and fat build-up can lead to fire accidents as grease and fat easily catch fire. Clean the grill after use when it is no longer hot.

  1. Keep the Grill Away from buildings and Vegetation

A gas or a charcoal barbecue is best used outdoors. When you move outside, place the grill away from the house, trees, bushes, or any other structures that can catch fire. It’s important to designate a specific area to set up your grill for safety.

  1. Ensure there is no Gas Leak

A gas leak is a fire hazard. Gas is flammable and a small like is a recipe for disaster. When there is a gas leak, you can smell the gas in the air but a gas detector is a more reliable fitting. If you suspect a leak in your house turn off the gas lines or detach all gas cylinders from the plumbing. Call in an expert to fix the leak before getting back to your grilling

  1. Use Starter Fluid with Caution

Do not put excess starter fluid when barbecuing on a charcoal grill. When the charcoal is burning, do not add the starter fluid as you risk an uncontrolled flame.

  1. Start the Grill when the Lid Open

Do not start the grill when the lid is closed as this can create a fireball. When the cover is open the flame receives adequate oxygen for controllable combustion.

  1. Do Not Leave the Grill Unsupervised

It would be best if you did not step away from the grill without another adult standing by. Grills are known to be dangerous. Pets and kids should not play around the grilling area to avoid accidents. Do not try to relocate an already lit barbecue or one that is hot; make sure it is cool before you move it.

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

When you are grilling you do not want your clothes to catch fire  Your shirt sleeves should be rolled up and your apron’s strings should not dangle.

  1. The grill should be Steady

Place your grill on an even surface to prevent it from tipping over. When grilling on the patio or deck, place a splatter or a grill mat underneath the grill to protect the deck from heat damage.

  1. Do not Place it Near Flammable Fittings

House decorations such as umbrellas, baskets are a fire hazard as they are made from artificial fibres. These fibres burn hot and fast hence should never be near an open flame.

  1. Be Ready to Extinguish a Fire that is Out of Control

A fire extinguisher is a must-have fitting for anyone operating around flames. You can get away with have baking soda to use on an uncontrollable grease fire. Never make the mistake of using water to put out a grease fire, the results are often bad.

The BBQ safety tips listed above will assist you when grilling during the summer season. They will help you avoid fire accidents that may be fatal. Therefore enjoy safe grilling and keep your family and friends safe while enjoying a great barbecue.

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