The Best Heaters for your Bedroom


Heaters in the bedroom serve a dual purpose; to provide heat in the cold of winter, and to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Before actually buying your heater there are a few things you should keep in mind. Including the size of the heater, the fuel used, and of course the output of the heater. Although this isn’t always the case, the size of your heater often determines its output, especially in terms of heating distance.

On average, one kWh spans about 10 square meters, so if your heater showroom doesn’t include heating specs, you can use this for ball-park calculations. A heater that’s too small feels like a waste of money. You’ll be huddled under your blankets cursing the tiny heating device. Conversely, getting a heater that’s too big could make your bedroom uncomfortably hot and lead to fuel wastage.

The type of fuel you select determines whether you have to deal with a flue or not. Wood heaters and some gas furnaces will require you to design fitting allowances for the flue. It safely guides burnt gases out of the room and can distribute heat to other parts of the house. Electric heaters, on the other hand, don’t need a flue. Here are some examples.


Optimyst Electric Fire


This type of heater comes in two models; the 500 and 1000. Once installed, it quickly becomes the centrepiece of the room. Its 3D effect applies next-level ultrasonic technology, which was lifted from commercial grade electronics. It uses water to produce an ultrafine mist, which in turn creates the heater’s flame and smoke effects.

These effects can run for 8 to 14 hours before you need to refill the water tank. With a wattage of 230W, this fireplace is capable of comfortably heating up to 20 square metres, which makes it ideal for small spaces such as the bedroom or the home office.


Ignite XL Electric Fire


If you’re looking for a fireplace that will both be visually stunning and immensely practical, then you need not to look any further than the Ignite XL Electric Fire. It has the capacity to heat between 150 and 250 square meters, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Some of this furnace’s best features include its proprietary Comfort$aver® technology which uses up to 11% less energy than a quartz infrared heater. This is done by automatically adjusting the wattage of the heater and the speed of the fan, to match the requirements of the room with minimal error.


Landscape Fullview 2 LFV2-1000/400-AU


This is a linear gas furnace that comes with a full flame viewing area. It’s ideal for the bedroom, since it gives you a picturesque view of the glowing coal ember bed, and it burns with incredibly realistic flames. It can be installed with minimal fuss, fitting perfectly beneath a television. The Landscape Fullview 2 LFV2-1000/400-AU also comes with a remote control and a wall-tethered touch-screen control module. It remains cool to the touch, whether the heat is on or not.

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