Roller Shutters Help You Regulate The Temperature

Roller shutters have come a long way since the days when they were only used as added shop security in malls and other places of business. Nowadays, they are quickly becoming the preferred window addition in most Australian homes, mainly due to their wide array of incredible advantages. Some of these uses include security, variety of usage, longevity, fire protection, and of course, heat regulation. Roller shutters also work to filter the light coming into your home, as well as reducing the noise levels, and adding a certain level of privacy.

The comfort level in your house is what turns it into a home, and one of the biggest contributors is how cool it is during the summer and how warm it is when temperatures drop. This is why more people are adding roller shutters to their homes to help with temperature regulation through the various seasons. To understand how this works, we need to take a look at the various types of shutters available, and the benefits they bring to the table.


What type of shutter are you looking to install?

In the domestic roller shutter space, there are two main types of products available. Both come with their separate advantages, as well as different drawbacks in comparison. These two types of shutters are Mini-view shutters and interlocking slats.

Mini-view roller shutters, as the name suggests offer you a limited view of what is going on outside.  This is because they have spaces between the slats that allow you to maintain a partial view, without compromising on either privacy or security. They are excellent for outdoor spaces such as the shed, or for windows that face a high foot traffic area such as the front driveway, or the corridor of your apartment building.

The second type of roller shutters that most people put in their homes is the interlocking slats kind. This type has no spaces between the slats when the shutters are closed, making it the preferred shutter type for people that value their privacy. They are best installed over French doors or windows, although some people actually install them elsewhere.

What makes these two types of shutters popular, above and beyond the normal advantages of having roller shutters, is that they are both treated with UV protection. This ensures that they are shielded from the scorching Australian summer sun and remain in top shape for a long time after installation. They are also both light and fit neatly into their subtle pelmet boxes when closed.


How can roller shutters help regulate the temperature in your home?

For you to completely understand this concept, you need to know that extreme heat or biting cold enters your home mainly through your windows. It is estimated that your windows are responsible to as much as 10 times more heat loss than any other part of your house, and the same applies to letting in heat during the summer and cold in the winter. A combination of normal glass and blinds sometimes helps, but not to the same effect as roller shutters.

Shutters vs Blinds

Blinds for instance, have been known to let in as much as 75% of radiant heat to enter a room, while the double glazing helps keep all the hot air in. This results in extra hot, and sometimes stuffy, summer days that are uncomfortable. Their cold stopping power during the winter also leaves a lot to be desired, even when closed.

With roller shutters however, you are guaranteed cool summers and warm winters. This is because a good brand of shutters keeps out as much as 60% of the sun’s heat during the summer, leaving the inside of your home cooler than the outside. They are also insulated against heat loss, which is a very important quality to have in the winter, when most heat is lost through radiation. This saves you a ton of money on both heating fuel and air conditioning, as well leaving your home comfortable to be in. All this is done without compromising on looks, which are equally as important to any home owner.

Some things that you may need to know

If you are now considering the installation of roller shutters into your home, here are a few tips you should take with you when shopping:

  1. When choosing your shutters however, it is important to note that not all products are equal. Some manufacturers put more into delivering a higher quality product than others and this shows in the final result. Be on the lookout for shutters that are UV treated, insulated, and filled with foam. The thickness of the shutter wall, the material used, and the quality of the workmanship should let you know which is better than the other.
  2. Even though it is possible to install roller shutters on one window and leave it at that, it is better to have them on all your windows. This will allow you to reap the maximum temperature control benefits, by retaining as much heat as possible during the winter while keeping out as much heat from the sun as possible in the summer.
  3. Roller shutters are the way of the future. Not only are they better at temperature control than traditional blinds, they allow you to customise them to match your house. This is because you can paint them different colours to go with whatever part of the house they are installed in.


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