Rock Features for Your Pool


A swimming pool is generally an integral feature and the focal point of your backyard. It is the place where you spend hours relaxing with your family and friends without even having to leave the privacy of your home. A well-designed pool can turn your garden into an elegant lagoon and should offer a range of features, which make your summertime more enjoyable.

Rock features are classic and add a touch of sophistication to any pool. They are a fast and easy way to improve the value of your lagoon and change your backyard into an oasis-like retreat. Whether you’re hosting a pool party for the kids or simply having a relaxed deck side barbecue, rock features will surely add to the ambience for the perfect setting. Also called faux rock, these pool features have the character and texture of real rock and are usually made of various materials such as foam, fibreglass or concrete and can be added to existing pools but also blended in with real rock.

The material is easy to maintain as it is resistant to pool chemicals and furthermore to environmental impacts such as high heat, abrasion and freezing temperatures. The rock features can be specially designed to your liking and there is no limit to shapes and sizes to fit your budget or backyard as they are skilfully formed in a handcrafted mould to create that natural look you are aiming . The material of the artificial rock makes it easy to install for your pool builder, as the features are modular and lightweight which means depending on their size, they usually don’t need extra deck support, substantial excavating or footing work if you just want to beautify the aesthetics around the pool.

If you wish to improve the look and feel of your backyard oasis, have a look at the latest rock features, which are not only stunning but eye-catching and play a significant role in today’s in-ground pool design to make the big splash even more entertaining.


Cascading waterfalls are more than visually enticing and can turn any swimming pool into a beautiful water park without necessarily stressing its structure. Like grottos, they make the perfect spot to cool off from the high heat and are also relaxing to listen to when lounging in a deck chair with a glass of wine or your favourite book. This innovative water feature is easy to maintain as it uses artificial rocks and a circulation water pump.



The new lightweight material makes it possible for almost any poolside to withstand a grotto and if you want to transform your pool into an enchanted resort, add this impressive upgrade. Grottos and caves are very attractive rock features as they allow you to swim inside and offer a unique and private seating place. A lot of pool owners add waterfalls to their grottos for that natural cave feeling inside and your pool builder will be happy to assist you in the design phase to ensure your new feature compliments your garden.



Slides bring fun and excitement to your garden and are the perfect entertainment feature. By installing a water slide to your pool you are sure to become the talk of the neighbourhood. Trough using a realistic replica of natural rock, the slide will perfectly blend in with the natural beauty of your backyard. Make sure you talk to an expert though to help you veil the slide artistically down the grotto. Especially the kids will have fun sliding down into the pool and we are sure, you will too.


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