Best Approach to Weighbridge Maintenance and Routine Cleaning

Weighbridges have long been used for weighing heavy commercial and industrial vehicles for various reasons, including security and the need to filter what goes beyond a certain point. Like every machine, weighbridges should be maintained if they’re to serve their full life and consistently produce accurate results. Inaccurate results are unacceptable.

Maintenance is, therefore, indispensable. Unfortunately, most people don’t take maintenance and cleaning advice seriously for as long as the machine is still working correctly. Without proper care for the machine, it would most likely break down sooner than later. When broken, the cost of repair would be way more than what could’ve been spent in the maintenance and regular cleaning. It’s never just about the possible mechanical downtime. A faulty weighbridge would disappoint by giving wrong information, something that could result in losses or a serious dent to your company’s reputation.

Everything must be confirmed to be working properly, including the weighbridge indicators.

Let’s see what you need to do with the maintenance and cleaning of weighbridges.

Routine Check and Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, nothing can be taken lightly. Depending on your site, you should have planned regular maintenance on a daily or weekly basis, and this should be adhered to by all means. Whether it is a pit weighbridge, portable or fully in-ground steel or concrete weighbridge, maintenance cannot be overlooked. If there be any debris or water deposits under the weighbridge, remove such and put the recommended clearance between the weighbridge and the ground. Always ensure that the advisable gap that separates the deck and the pit wall is clear.

To ensure that all the gaps are kept according to the laid down standards, use ‘T’ section rubbers. The rubbers should be regularly checked and replaced where necessary. To help detect any inaccuracy of the weighbridge, conduct the end-middle-end tests and make adjustments where necessary. The routine maintenance of a weighbridge is simple and can be performed by the weighbridge operative.

Weighbridge Cleaning

How often should you clean your weighbridge? It depends is the answer. The environmental condition where the weighbridge installation is done influences how often the cleaning is to be done. For example, if you’re weighing tractors or trucks in a muddy area, the weighbridge would get dirty faster. Where cleaning isn’t done well, the mud would be compacted. Such an eventuality would affect the movement of the weighbridge, thus affecting the machine’s accuracy. Weather conditions can also influence how dirty the weighbridge gets.

Either way, you must always monitor the condition of the weighbridge and clean it, specifically to ensure longevity. The cleaning can be conducted by a specialized team to ensure that the disruption level is at the bare minimum. The cleaning can also be conducted out of hour so that the work can continue smoothly throughout the working hours.

Should the maintenance and cleaning be done well, the machine would most likely serve its full life. It would also ensure the accuracy of the results so that it truly serves the purpose for which you acquired it.

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