Wine and Chocolate Christmas Gift Ideas

Wine And Chocolate Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas shopping and decorating now in full swing, it’s time to turn our attention to what we are going to get everyone for Christmas. From your partner to the family, to friends, and colleagues, it can be challenging to come up with fresh ideas year on year for what presents to give. Instead of trying to break your brain coming up with something different, why not give the tried and tested route with something that everyone will appreciate?

I’m talking, of course, as the title of this article suggests, about wine and chocolate. While not everyone loves wine and chocolate, at least two-thirds of everyone that I know (that’s an adult, of course) does. That’s why this year I’ve chosen to forget about trying to come up with something quirky and cool and just go with something that I know everyone will instantly love – wine and chocolate.

Here are a few different wine and chocolate gift ideas to wet your whistle when it comes to Christmas gift inspiration.

Wine and Chocolate Christmas Gift Hampers Ideas

Red wine with Christmas chocolates hamper

For a particularly festive gift, a red wine with Christmas chocolates hamper makes for a natural choice, one that is delivered right to your recipient’s door, too. The hamper might contain a full-size bottle of Shiraz, a Christmas pudding, and a couple of delicious Lint chocolates to munch on. You’ll have to get your recipient to hit you back about whether they’ve managed to inhale the whole lot in one sitting or not.

Gift vouchers to a winery tour

Another wine inspired idea is some gift vouchers to an organised winery tour. There are winery tours operating all over the country that include bus services and a guide around some of the wineries in your region. Purchase a gift voucher for friends or family and then organise a full day out together at their convenience. It’s an excellent way for everyone to catch up for a fun and boozy day out.

Make your own chocolates

For some people, Christmas is a time where we make gifts – to hand out to friends and family, as well as give to anyone that happens to drop into our house over the festive season. Handmade chocolates are a great choice. You can purchase Christmas chocolate moulds, and then whip up a range of Christmas choccies in milk, dark, and white varieties. For those who are feeling particularly creative, you can do mixed chocolate designs or add in some decorations.

A mixed case of wine delivery

When you’re dealing with a serious wine fan and just one bottle isn’t going to cut it, then going the route of a dozen mixed bottles of wine is an excellent idea for Christmas. There are some wine delivery companies around the country that have carefully selected a mixed dozen so that your recipient can try out some new wines. Red, white, or fully mixed, the choice is up to you! If you are feeling particularly generous, there are subscription services for bottles to the door every month which you could purchase a six month or year-long subscription to.

There are plenty of options available if you are thinking about wine and chocolate gifts to give this Christmas. It doesn’t just have to be you rocking up on their doorstep with a cheesy grin, a $13 bottle of red and a black of Cadbury chocolate. Make it a little bit more special with a more interesting wine and chocolate-inspired gift. And, most importantly, don’t forget a bottle or two for you and a block of chocolate that you can munch away on!


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