Why People Swear By Their Portable BBQ’s


With barbecue season still on the high, there are succulent smells produces in many backyards this weekend. But despite this many barbecues owned by Australians, not this many of them are portable. If you are one of the people who is looking to get your bangers, burgers, steaks and shrimps out wherever you are, this post is for you as we have put together more than enough reasons for you to go mobile this Weber BBQ season to take your grilled meats beyond your outdoor kitchen.

The type of portable grill you choose should depend not only where you want to grill, but also what. If you and your friends hit the beach quite frequently, you will want a grill with legs to keep it stable in the sand. For a spontaneous grill party in the park, you need a type that is elevated to prevent the grass from burning. The other thing you should consider before buying is, how far you need to carry it along with food, beverages and utensils to make sure you purchase a decent weight. And last but not least, of course, size matters. Considering the size of your grill plate, you should estimate for how many people you will be catering to and also what kind of protein you usually serve. If you are thinking of burgers and sausages, you can go for a smaller barbecue as these cook quickly and you’ll still be able to feed lots of people but will need a bigger grill plate for chicken and pork as these will take longer to cook. To make sure you travel with the taste of home, we have put together some stunning portable grills for you to choose from to hold a spontaneous barbecue no matter if you are hiking in the woods or head down to the beach. The following three portable barbecues guarantee your food will turn out to be amazing wherever you are.

Beefeater Bigg Bugg Amber with Trolley

The beefeater is the perfect gas fuelled BBQ for those, who want a grill that produces perfect results every time and is a little more compact and, of course, portable. The grill is easy to move and features 2 separate burners, an integrated Quartz Start Ignition, a large cooking surface with versatile plate grill, integrated thermometer and storage room for tools and extra condiments. Its dimensions are 31,8w x 65,6d x 107,5h cm.




Weber Summit Charcoal

When grilling with the Weber Summit Charcoal, you’re in for the ultimate charcoal experience. Weber’s famous kettle grills stand for maximum flavour and cooking experience no matter if you want to roast a whole chicken, grill a steak or cook a brisket low and slow style. The Weber Summit Charcoal features a three-stage venting and cleaning, One-Touch system to give you complete control over the fire. The grill is stabilized by 2 durable all-weather wheels and furthermore features a built-in thermometer, bottom wire rack, a lid damper, stainless steel hinged diffuser plate, three-position fuel grate and a smoke/low and slow vent setting. The black grill comes in dimension 110w x 91d x 115h cm.

Weber Baby Q 1200

With its size of just 69w x 54d x 39h cm and a total weight of 11.25kg, the Baby Q is the real travelling grill. No matter if you take it down to the pool, out in the bush, to the beach or keep it in the boot of your car for spontaneous gatherings, this mini-BBQ gives you total flexibility. The black grill features a stainless steel burner, durable cast aluminium lid and body, built-in thermometer, electronic infinite igniter and a removable drip tray.


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