Why Hino Truck Parts Are So Popular

Why Hino truck parts are popular

The genuine replacement parts distributed by Hino are specifically designed for the Australian market, this assures you that all genuine parts will stand up to the tough Australian conditions. Hino accessories and parts are price competitive, so you can invest in buying affordable genuine Hino Truck parts, one of the many reasons Hino replacement parts are so popular.

Hino parts have been made by the original manufacture using the same quality materials, so you are guaranteed that a part will fit AND do the job it is supposed to do without compromising the safety of your truck. Hino trucks themselves are one of the safest trucks on Australian roads today, but there are still people out there who like to cut corners and to buy and use cheap second rate parts, this is only going to compromise the efficiency and safety of your vehicle. When you buy cheap parts, you don’t know where they came from and how they were made, you just can’t be guaranteed that it is a quality part. This is an issue when it comes to some parts, including brake linings, brake drums, sensors and emission components.

While some will say buying genuine parts is expensive, you have to ask yourself – do the risks out-weigh the benefits?

Why Hino truck parts are so popular

People trust and buy genuine Hino parts because –

  • You get a warranty with all parts – you get an industry leading 3 years limited K/M parts warranty – factory warranty. There is nothing better than that
  • Factory support – you get access to ALL the relevant parts information. If information can’t be found Hino Australia will contact Hino Japan to get the answers to your questions or concerns.
  • Wide range of parts are available. You’ll be able to get your hands on lesser parts such as wiring harnesses. Other companies tend to sell the common, faster selling items.
  • You have access to a wide support network – there are authorised 3S and 2S dealers all around Australia who can support your replacement part needs 24/7.
  • If you have an older model vehicle you are still guaranteed of support. Hino parts are available from the newest 2017 models to a 1970’s KL300. If it is not in stock anywhere in Australia, it can be ordered in from Japan in as little as 4 days!

It certainly *pays off* to invest in genuine quality parts to keep your truck – or fleet running stronger for longer, after all the longer you can stay on the road, running at peak efficiency the more profitable your business will become. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by using genuine Hino spare parts. They are guaranteed to keep your truck in tip top operating condition.

Hino has always taken pride in building trucks to last from the Chassis to the engine, to the whole truck, just as much care and attention to detail goes into making every spare part. They have all been designed, engineered and calibrated to meet the original manufacturing standards so you get a replacement part that will fit and work – first time.

Hino replacement parts are so popular because no matter what conditions you put your truck and part through – they will never let you down. If you get your parts fitted by an authorised Hino dealer you are covered for parts and labour for three years – it doesn’t matter how far you travel. Yet another reason why it’s sound business sense to use genuine Hino parts – fitted by trained Hino service technicians.

It doesn’t matter if you own one truck, or you manage a fleet of trucks if you have your genuine Hino part fitted by someone who isn’t an authorised Hino dealer, you are still covered by a one year/100,000-kilometre warranty on the part or accessory.

It makes good sense to choose and use the best – Both warranties cover the entire Hino range and are available all-around Australia and with over 60 Hino dealerships and service centres there is one that can help you.

If you don’t already why should you start using genuine Hino parts?


  • The peace of mind of a three-year unlimited kilometre warranty
  • Guaranteed to fit first time, every time, to minimise downtime and increase profitability
  • The ability to source ANY part quickly
  • All parts meet the original manufacturing standards, so you can be sure they will work as intended
  • Get the right part for the right market – all Hino parts have been tested on every Australian road condition possible.

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