Why do You Need to Upgrade to a Steel Frame Shed?

Garden Shed

Garden sheds are now more popular in Australia than ever before. There is no agreement as far as the ideal materials for shed are. While wood has been in use for many years, metal is increasingly becoming popular.

There are many reasons why steel frame sheds are gaining so much popularity. If you are planning to upgrade yours steel frame shed, learn the significant advantages that steel frame sheds bring. The following are just some of the benefits.


A steel frame shed comes with excellent durability. This is because steel is hard and can withstand physical hits for a long time. It is also less prone to damage from the elements. Wooden sheds, in comparison, do not do well when exposed to acid rain, strong wind, and hailstorms. The sturdy construction enables the shed to keep its content safe and in good working order.


Did you know that steel frame sheds are cheaper than their wooden counterparts? The price of a sheet of metal is so much lower than that of a plank of wood. Similarly, the cost of construction is relatively affordable. If you want to save real dollars, then you need to upgrade to a steel shed for your garden.

Ease of Assembly

Steel sheds are usually lightweight in nature. This makes it easier to carry around when assembling the shed. You can actually do the installation yourself even if you are not an experienced assembler. Most of these come with an instruction manual. Follow it carefully, and you will set up a great looking garden shed.


Do you need to move your shed around your garden or homestead from time to time? Invest in a steel frame as it offers more moving capabilities than a wooden one. You can install four wheels and haul it along as you may require. As earlier mentioned, a steel shed is lighter than its wood counterpart and therefore easier to move around.

Easy Maintenance

There is little you need to do on your steel frame shed to keep it looking great. Unlike wood and other materials, you only need to sweep dirt and debris from the surface, and that is just about all the maintenance you need.

Besides, most modern ones are galvanized and are therefore better equipped to fight the harsh Australian weather. The extra layer of protection keeps the surface free from corrosion. After a couple of years, it may peel off and need a fresh coat of paint.

Fire Resistance

Are you going to keep essential equipment, tools, and materials in the shed? Then you know you need to protect them from fire. Australia is especially notorious with wildfires, and your garden may not be an exception.

You see, steel construction is fireproof. The same cannot be said of a wooden or a plastic one. In cases of accidents, your steel cage will still stand to protect your valued investments. The little loss of paint can be easily fixed with a fresh coat of paint.

More Security

Most steel frame cages come with reinforced hinges, doors and windows. This is enough to deter a potential vandal or thief. Generally, it is harder to cut through metal than it is to cut through wood and other materials.


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